Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let them eat cupcakes!

Cupcakes used to be the staple for every party during the school year when someone would have a birthday and his mom would show up at the end of the day, passing out her homemade cupcakes. Now cupcakes are making the news for every kind of celebration from first birthdays to weddings. Now you can find cupcake wrappers and toppers everywhere for every purpose.
I know where you can get the perfect cupcake wrappers and toppers for your Halloween party. I know where you can get great cake stand trim and straw toppers too. What I don’t know is if you know the secret to these wrappers and toppers.
The Costume Clubhouse Cupcake Pack and Borders from LD are the first part of this secret to your deco-party craft. How your create with them is the rest of the secret.

To make the cupcake wrappers, simply print and cut the characters of choice and wrap around your cupcakes. The toppers need only be printed, cut and have toothpicks glued to their backs before they are put into the cupcakes.
For the straws, again use the cupcake toppers and cut small slits near the top and bottom of each circled cameo to thread the straw through. This is also a great way to keep organized who has which drink as each person will be able to choose his favorite character. There are 16 different characters in this wrapper and topper set.
Now, the secret to the scalloped cake stand trim (see photo above). I designed some of the CC Borders to use for cake stand and plate trim. This is also a very simple craft to add to the look of the party. Simply print and cut the borders of choice. If you choose a border with the small slots near the straight edge (see sample below) you can then thread a ribbon, string or strip of paper through the slots and attach the trim to a cake stand or plate. Measure the circumference of the stand to determine how many borders you will need to print and cut, and then glue them together before threading the ribbon. I taped my trims onto the stands with double stick tape as it makes it easier to remove later.
One additional bit of decor that can be adapted and used are the little costume kids (from the CC Characters). Once they are printed and cut they can circulate your cake stand as if marching and chanting for their treats.
Some of the photos used in this posting are from my niece, who I was lucky enough to have with me when shooting this collection. She’s an amazing photographer who specializes in landscape and historic scenes from the mid and northwest, primarily in Montana. To see more of her beautiful photography and learn more about her go to my Besties section at the right and choose “Open Spaces Prairie Places” or click here to take you to her site.


-Arielle- said...

Auntie you are too sweet to me! I had the time of my life working with you the past few weeks, you are the most talented person!

Crafty Starkie said...

Can you please come do all these fun things at my house! I have enjoyed looking at all your Halloween decorations and party games and decor! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pieces of art! You are such an inspiration.