Monday, January 28, 2013

Color your world

The wee children are here to color your world and share their language of love.

This color wheel valentine card will teach you and your wee ones love in every language, or at least in eight different languages.

When you rotate the wheel to the right a message is revealed that reads “love makes the world go round and round” and when you rotate the wheel to the left you see the word for “love” in the language of each child.

I made this valentine for my peeps a few years ago and wanted to share the love with you and yours. If you want to share the love you can go to LD here and get the art to create these colorful wheels and share them with your friends around the world.

This is a two part card. The upper color wheel has the hearts cut out to reveal the messages below. A small brad holds the two parts of the wheel together, so no glue or tape is necessary. You will need to use a cutting machine, or be able to cut each heart out with your own tools.

The image above shows the message when rotated to the right.

The image above shows the message (word in each language) when rotated to the left.

If you want to have the free matching wee stamps you can download them here. They are only for fun and cannot be used for postage, but they are forever free from me to you!

Have and colorful valentine’s day and maybe even challenge yourself to start learning a new language before the next valentine’s day rolls around! My daughter is doing that in Spain this year, so she will be fluent in spanish for Valentine’s Day 2014. Let’s just say I’m learning the lingo through her. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wee have a Valentiny to share with the World

The Wee are the World kids are back and ready to share lots of love with you. Since everything about these kids are wee, their messages are valen-tiny too, but their hearts are big and full of love. Now Lettering Delights has this sweet collection available for you to make for your own valentines.

Each of these little ones is coming to you with a sweet and silly sentiment. The complete set includes twelve heartfelt valentines, twelve coordinating envelopes, and twelve heart labels to address to your valentine or to seal envelopes. The image below shows the complete set (each valentine is also shown in photos below).

These are basic and easy shapes to cut by hand or use a cutting machine to do the work for you. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. One: download the files. Two: print, cut and fold the pieces. Three: share with the ones you love on Valentine’s Day.

They are the perfect set of valentines for the nostalgic, and will likely take you back to those wonderful grade school days with their sentiment and style that brings a blast from the past to some and a fresh new style to others.

You can get these tiny treasures at Lettering Delights and share them with your peeps, or teach your own kids a few new, corny, but endearing sayings so they can share them with the new wee generation. Below are the valentine sets of all twelve wee world kids.

This is the Frenchy valentine set.

This is the Bongo valentine set.

This is the Dutchy valentine set.

This is the Java valentine set.

This is the Sushi valentine set.

This is the Mukluk valentine set.

This is the Nina valentine set.

This is the Cairo valentine set.

This is the Tawni valentine set.

This is the Poncho valentine set.

This is the Tiki valentine set.

This is the Tajie valentine set.

Get ready to share the love on Valentine’s Day with LD in a wee, but mighty way!

And now to sweeten the deal, I have a set of stamps I have designed to go with these valentines . . . and they are Forever-Free Stamps! ;) You will not want to miss them. Each wee character holds a heart with the word for “love” in his and her language. (see photo above and image below) Click here to get the free files of the Wee valentine stamps and Wee postage stamps)

You can use these stamps with last year’s freebie Wee postage stamps, that coordinated with the Wee are the World stationery sets. The stationery sets are also still available on LD under my artist page and the envelopes in the stationery sets fit the wee valentines too. This would make a darling gift to share with your sweet, little valentines this year! (see image below of the complete stationery collection containing seven pieces per character set)

To get the Wee are the World valentines click on my Sheri’s Creations label at the top, right, or go directly to the valentine sets here. And have fun sharing love from around the world this Valentine’s Day!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Have a little heart!

It won’t be long until the Wee Are The World kids are back and ready to share a little love with you. This collection will work with my Wee Are The World stationery set from Lettering Delights that came out last year. The mini envelope sizes from the stationery sets match these punny valentines.

This collection will have a valentine for each of the twelve kids, as well as an envelope and heart-shaped label (sticker) for each.

Stay tuned and check back soon. I will give you the details as soon as they are available at LD.

Wherever you live around this great world, you can always share the love with your peeps, great or small. These wee kids can help you do that in a sweet and silly way.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Will 2013 be Panda-monium for you?

Lettering Delights is off to another great year and I’m so delighted to have a part in their fun! You can be too if you start your year off right with the perfect calendars to keep you organized.

Whether you feel like you life is full of pandemonium, or as tranquil as a field of flowers, I have the perfect calendars to keep you on schedule all year long.

Lettering Delights is offering two of my calendar designs for you to choose from, or get both to be even more up to date and fashionable.

What’s black and white and cute all over ~ the panda calendar for you or the kids with my little panda bears enjoying seasons and events throughout the year. This Pandarama 2013 Calendar is available to print and trim as a large wall calendar or miniaturize it for a collection on the wall, or easels.

If you love beautiful flowers and want to enjoy theme every month of the year ~ the Cut Flowers 2013 Calendar is just the thing for you. It has a selection of flower patterns from many of my floral collections, compiled into this lovely calendar, so you can have cut flowers every day of the year.

To get either or both of these calendars click here to get right to them on LD. You will want to get them right away, so as not to miss any more days in fabulous 2013. It’s off to a great start for me, I hope it is for you as well. Happy 360 days left!