Monday, August 31, 2015

The Boy on Shady Grove Road

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer have finally met their match. In this boyhood story of imagination and adventure Clyde and Kenny are the mid-century version of these adventurous boys, and I do know, as Clyde is my dad, and Kenny was my cousin.

I am so proud to announce the arrival of The Boy on Shady Grove Road a new book my dad, Clyde McCulley, has written about his childhood in the 1940s and 50s. It is filled with heartfelt and humorous stories of his “short on cash” upbringing that was never short on love. 

I knew many of these stories growing up, and even experienced the joy and simplicity of that little house on Shady Grove where he grew up, and many of the stories take place. It is only now that I can have the memories kept forever in this delightful, and sometimes tearful recollection of a childhood only a poor boy in the South could know . . . a rich life of wonder, joy and love!

Even though I was able to have these stories told first-hand growing up, I have now been able to read and already reread his book, The Boy on Shady Grove Road. I promise if you read this book, whether somewhat seasoned, like Dad, a mid-century born girl like myself, or a young one like Dad’s grandkids, you will all find joy in a simpler life, an appreciation for the life you’ve been given, and a way of learning about history that text books don’t give. And if you do not learn any of this, you’d best reread the book. :) 

The book is now available on Amazon, and the e-book will be coming soon. I really do suggest you take a little time out from your busy schedule and take a quick look at a slow-paced life on Shady Grove Road. It will be worth a few minutes of your life, I promise.

Thank you Dad, for sharing your life with us, to help each of us appreciate what we have and what we are capable of having and doing in this one life we are given. Many congratulations and much love!