Friday, October 7, 2011

That’s So Silly!

Don’t be silly, no, I did not forget it was Funday Friday and so we need our Funday Freebie Fix! This time I am looking for all of those kids out there, young and young at heart who love silly things. I have put together just the thing to get you in the spirit for silliness.

While I can’t toss everything into the freebie for your fix; it’s really difficult to get silly straws through my computer and into yours, even silly bands don’t quite make it, but a label or two for covering a can of silly string just might do the trick-fix.

Go to my U-Pick button and download either label, (“Go Batty,” or “Get in the Spirit”) or take them both. This will take only minutes to cover a 5 oz. can of silly string (I got mine at Walmart in the toy section). The can measurers about 8.25" to top of lid, but about 6.75" to top of metal and is 2" across. Just print out the label on an 8.5 x 11 and trim at crop marks. Wrap the label around can and secure with either glue or double stick tape.
This is the label with directions for the “Get in the Spirit” label.

This is the label with directions for the “Go Batty” label.

To make some of the other silly projects that you see in the photo at top go to my Costume Clubhouse collection, now available on LD (see Sheri’s Creations at the top of my blog and click on it to take you directly to the collection on LD).

Now, just try not to go batty waiting for Halloween when you can get your sillies out.

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