Friday, February 13, 2015

A valentine to beat all others!

It’s Valentine’s Day and there are few things sweeter to give than candy. I love candy! It’s the very first word I learned to spell. C-A-N-D-Y! Needless to say, it had to be the theme for my valentine design this year.

When working on the design I thought I would mix it up with cookbooks about sweets, friendship quotes, little kewpie birds . . . and the retro mixer my husband grew up with, and is still used in our home today.

The front of the card has beaters that, when lifted, read “for a divine friend” and the back of the card has Betty Crocker’s sweet Divinity recipe. It will put you on cloud nine when you taste this treat.

I hope this card puts your head in the clouds with sweet and happy thoughts on Valentine’s Day!

Finishing touch for mailing my valentine cards . . . forever stamps swirled into a heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make yours sweet!