Monday, October 24, 2011

Spirited Acro-Bats!

Whether these little acro-bats are tiptoeing through the tombstones or dancing along the fence near my stone wall they are full of spirit and ready to welcome the evening guests come Halloween night.
The iron fence has had its share of indoor and outdoor use. It accompanied the little ghosts at my first Surtex Show and has been repurposed a few times be it springtime or autumn here at the berry-house. Its origins are from Target (no, not an old English cottage, sorry to say:) but its permanent dwelling is here with the Costume Clubhouse members.
The bats and ghosts were printed and cut from the CC graphics set by LD and then glued to foam core for durability. I also used 18 gauge wire to push into each in order for them to stand independently in the ground beside the iron fence.

This is the same decorative set of bats and ghosts I have hanging from the rafters in the studio, resting on their own little clouds of orange and green pompoms. See the October 20 posting for details.

Now, it’s your turn to go and do your own interpretive dance with these bats and ghosts.

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-Candi said...

These are wonderful!