Sunday, October 23, 2011

Got Milk Bottle?

Time to turn back time and reinvent the nostalgic game of “Drop the Clothespins in the Bottle.” This was a game I think I played at every party I attended when I was a child. Now I have come up with a version that I think will delight the newest little skeletons in our lives during this season’s Halloween parties.
There are very few supplies needed to turn this bag of bones into a bag of tricks and likely you have nearly everything you will need to do so. If you have Q-tips you have almost everything you need for the game as they will become the bones for each player. As we all learned when we were little skeletons, all bones need milk to make them strong, so find that milk bottle that used to have milk in it as you will need it for the bones to be dropped into. If you don’t have a milk bottle, a jar will suffice as long as the opening is not too large.
I have made a set of “Bag of Bones” labels for you to print out along with the milk bottle label and colored strips that can be cut, wrapped and glued around each Q-tip bone. This is so that each player has his bones identified with the color he has chosen. I gave each player a set of 10 color coded bones per bag, but you can use less if you like. Then I put each set of bones in little zipped baggies for each player to have his set for the game, glued labels on each bag and the label on the milk bottle.
See sample printout above for the labels and color strips, then go to the U-Pick button at the right to click and download this free game for your party.

If you are unfamiliar with this game, it is very simple. Use a chair for each player to kneel on when it is his turn to try to drop his bone into the milk bottle, which is on the ground directly below the back of the chair. The player will hold his bone at chest height and try to drop it into the bottle. Players will take turns in rounds until each player has attempted to drop all of his bones into the bottle, at which time the game is over. Once the bones that have made it into the milk bottle have been counted, the player who has gotten the most bones (with his color) will be the winner.
Enjoy this game with skeletons of all ages, even if there are a few old bones hanging around who can remember the game from their childhood days. They might even be the best at this nostalgic game and prove to all of us that there is no age limit to having fun.

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