Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Destination Dainty

Just the thing before that “just married” couple leaves on their honeymoon. This Vintage Hanky wedding garland is perfect for styling a wedding shower, a wedding reception, or even the bride’s room where she will get ready to go away with her groom just after they say “I do.”

The garland comes in all six Vintage Hanky color themes and can be personalized to say anything the bride would like. To order this or any of the other wedding them garland sets, go to my Etsy shop and request a custom order.

To add one more bit of decor to the beautiful wedding venue, choose to say Mr. and Mrs. (or bride and groom) to hang on the doors of the rooms where the bride and groom will await their ceremony.

Above is a chart showing each color option to choose from when adding a bit of dainty to the wedding decor.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Dainty Hanky Wedding

Today celebrates my niece’s first wedding anniversary (congrats to you both). This is the niece who encouraged me to design wedding stationery (with the original Signature Fragrance invitation design, aka: Elijah & Megan invitations) and now, one year later I am having fun creating many wedding stationery sets and enjoying working with wonderful brides to be. 

Megan and Elijah’s wedding was a statement of simple elegance. (if you would like to see it, you can go here and experience the charm of that day). It was such a pleasure having the opportunity and now memories of working on their special day with them. Thank you, M & E!

Today I am sharing yet another wedding stationery set called Vintage Hanky Wedding. This collection is perfect for outdoor venues such as farm, orchard or field weddings . . . it is destination dainty, destination hanky, and destination fun. The collection has five color themes, all are floral, with the exception of this one being showcased today, called strawberry fields . . . forever . . . fun.

In keeping with the theme of vintage hankies, linens, and aprons I have given each of my wedding stationery pieces a motif that might have been an everyday part of your grandmother’s past, from the scalloped edges of her apron; the waves of vines on her tea towels; and the decorative shape of the hanky she surely carried in her gloved hands every Sunday morning.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding (or other event) and would like to bring back the simpler times of mid-century, mid-American style, I have just the dry goods for you. And to “preserve” one of your grandmother’s recipes of sweetness, you might even want to spread the love with some jams and jellies labeled with your own personal message for your wedding guests.

Below you will see a few samples of the aqua and yellow vintage hanky color set, and below that the five color sets for this collection, now available in my Etsy shop.

Image above shows color themes: Strawberry Set and Aqua and Yellow Set

Image above shows color themes for the Mint Set and Peach Set

Image above shows color themes for the Pink Set and Pink and Gray Set

Image above shows color themes for the Yellow Set and Yellow and Gray Set