Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monsieur Noir le Chat

We just got a kitten in time for Halloween, but he is not a cat noir and I don’t think he is French. He is a cute gray tabby, full of mischief, about three months old. He accompanies me to the studio each day and flip-flops (literally) between unruly frolicking and drop dead exhaustion. My keyboard seems to be the favorite place for those exhaustive bouts of slumber and the ultimate kitty toy for playtime. Well, actually, it’s the computer mouse he finds to be the toy of desire, as if he believes it to be the real thing. Hummm.

As I write, his little face is resting on the numbers of the keyboard. So, unless I start a career in accounting, I think I’m okay with this new arrangement. Liking it so far, anyway.

As to the art above, I suppose it is a bit like “life imitating art.” Oh, or is my art imitating life? Well, none the less as Halloween approaches I have a new little model to encourage creativity for the season. Who knows, maybe my next holiday collection will be Christmas Kitty :)