Friday, February 14, 2014

Tea for two kindred spirits


It was only a few months ago that I met two lovely ladies from Tasmania, Australia who are kindred spirits. They have a common passion for the creative joys of needlework and have begun publishing a beautiful online magazine called Kindred Stitches Magazine. They say it best: “There is a special kind of bond between women who love to stitch, whether it is with needle and thread, by hand or machine, with crochet hook or knitting needles.”

Kindred Stitches Magazine has just published issue six, “Fresh and Fun” and they requested that I share a new piece of art as an embroidery project for this issue. What a treat it has been for me to be included in this lovely magazine and have an opportunity to work with the professional team who gives such attention to detail in every aspect of their magazine. I am sure you will agree, so please take a look at their Kindred Stitches site and see for yourself.

The embroidery design I created for the “Fresh and Fun” issue is Tea for Two (foxes in a teacup) based on the alphabet teacup animals I have made into embroidery patterns in my Etsy shop. If you would like to make the Tea for Two embroidery design you will be able to get it by purchasing “Fresh and Fun” (issue six). I assure you, not only will you see the beautiful styling Kindred Stitches Magazine has done for the article, you will find the complete magazine a thing of beauty. Each issue showcases four original projects to make and a guest craft designer, this time featuring Sheri McCulley Studio, as I share my embroidery project exclusive to this magazine.

For each issue they put together a short promotional video which showcases the patterns in the magazine, and you can see the “Fresh and Fun” video here, including images of the Tea for Two project.

I hope you will take time to view Kindred Stitches Magazine. The magazine is distributed via the Apple iPad Newsstand and brings you everything you’ve always wanted in a craft magazine and more. I believe you will quickly become a regular to their love of craft they so beautifully bring to the world in each issue. Enjoy it today with a cup of tea and a kindred spirit!