Friday, August 26, 2011

A stinkin’ cute give-away!

One hundred followers and one free onesie! And it’s stinkin’ cute too!

As soon as 100 people ‘like’ my facebook page I am going to start giving away freebies. Well, not all at once, but I’m going to have a drawing with the first 100 peeps who like Sheri Berry Designs.

If you are already a follower on my facebook page, you are automatically going to be in the drawing.

Here is what you are going to get if you win ~ a little onesie with the skunk, Inky, from the Woodland Tails collection. It’s blue with the skunk and “little stinker” appliquéd on the onesie, and it’s tiny, but then again it’s made to fit a stinkin’ cute baby and they start out so tiny!

Here is how you are going to try to win ~ get all your peeps over to my facebook page and get them to ‘like’ Sheri Berry Designs. As soon as we hit 100 we are going to draw a lucky winner. And if you’re lucky it’ll be you and not the friend you just sent my way. :)

If, you aren’t following on facebook yet, go to the Sheri Berry Designs page and ‘like’ me. Or go to the right on this blog and ‘like’ me there.

The winner will be announced on my facebook page as soon as we have one. So, good luck and stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let’s Face It!

It’s time to face the music. I am finally giving in, joining the crowd, getting with the program and yes, joining Facebook. I now have a page on Facebook under Sheri Berry Designs and would love for you to ‘like’ me today! You can click here, or go to my Facebook button on the right.

I will be sending out information on the latest Sheri Berry products about when and where to find them. I will be giving updates on current projects that are in the works. I will also be giving away some freebies and my facebook page is where you will be able to learn about how to sign up for those drawings.

I am also interested in hearing from you. I look forward to having your comments and ideas about what Sheri Berry art, projects, products and new collection ideas you would like to see. I would love to see what you are doing with Sheri Berry fabrics, paper crafting and home decor. I would like to hear if you happen on to any Sheri Berry sightings (products in magazines, stories about the studio, etsy creations, whatever you find). I don’t always know when and where Sheri Berry Designs will show up, and with your googling eyes you will likely spot things before I do.

Join today so I can see your smiling face. Then return here every little bit to get the whole scoop on products and free stuff. Let’s face it, everybody likes freebies!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A teacher with class

There is something wonderful about the first day of school and as a child I always looked forward to that day. It meant a brand new crayon box, no. 2 yellow pencils, sharpened to the point of a needle, and in the early years a new lunch box with the latest Disney characters.

It was the day to organize that lift-top desk with every book, every supply in perfect parallel form. To see who would be sitting in the desks to either side of you. To meet your pals you hadn’t seen all summer and to see who the new kids in the class were.

It was also the day, the first real day you would have the teacher you’d only known of before as the one with the bird-whistle on the playground. The one the older kids told you if you got in her classroom you’d be lucky. The one you knew was the cool teacher who would do science experiments, paper maché projects, and post cards collections from around the world. And to top it off she had that amazing handwriting on the chalkboard, I believe only teachers are capable of having.

However, that’s not what made this teacher so wonderful. It wasn’t even that she was so kind. It was that she expected every student to do his best each day, to be respectful of the classroom and of each other, and to be willing to learn even with the tough subjects. She had a way of searching out each child’s uniqueness and felt that every student had something special to add to her classroom. She thrived on seeing us learn and she loved being our teacher.

There are many teachers in my family and many of my close friends who are teachers, and though I’m biased I know that each of them carries many of these same traits, but in their own unique style. So, to all the teachers out there who are starting another school year, thank you for being that amazing and special person who will stay in a child’s mind, long after they have spent this year with you. You are a special breed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Site To See

The time is long overdue but finally there is a new Sheri Berry Designs website. Finally there is a place to find the newest products licensed with SBD art; the Products page. Finally there is a place to get the scoop on SBD happenings; the News page. Finally there is a place to view some of the classics as well as new collections; the Art page. Finally there is a place to get behind the scene of SBD and learn where this imp turned artist started and is now going; the About page. Finally there is a place to get some answers to questions or leave comments for SBD; the Contact page. And finally there is a new place for SBD to call home, the Home page.

I invite you to visit the SBD website frequently. I would love to hear your comments, interests and questions about me and my art. I would like to have you subscribe to the Sheri Berry new updates. I would be thrilled if you would encourage you besties to catch the wave and surf on over to the SBD website.

I plan to have SBD product give-aways as often as I can and want to make sure you sign up in those occasional drawings. I appreciate your loyalty to SBD, that you think of me as your friend, and that you have stayed with me, leaving kind and gracious comments on the blog.

You are the reason SBD products continue to be made and shared with the world. You are the reason I have a smile on my face each time I sketch out a new concept or develop a collection on my Mac. And you are the reason behind the constant passion and joy for all SBD creation.

You can go directly to the new Sheri Berry Designs website ( here. And you can always click on the impish photo of little Sheri to the right every time you are visiting this blog and want to be reminded of the most current SBD products and events.

Thank you for being the reason Sheri Berry Designs leaves my heart and goes directly to yours.