Friday, October 28, 2011

The Monster Mash Bash! All Goblins Welcome!

Halloween is creeping around the corner and it’s time for the bash of the season. Complete with Halloween treats, decorations and party activities for kids of all ages, it’s time to start the fun.
As you enter the berry scary studio and start up the stairs you are greeted with the less than menacing Costume Clubhouse kids and a few boxed favors on the wall.

The hottest spot at the party is the “Got Candy?” table with lots-o-sweets for all to eat. The main table has its own share of goods and goblins to share as well.

One can never have enough candy handy, so pile it on and theme it up even more with candy trim via CC borders and a round of ribbon for the cupcake stand.
Party on with the kids as they play Pin the Tail on the Cat, Bag of Bones, Wrap the Mummy, Carnival Coin Toss and even get a little Silly with String, because that is what parties are all about. That, and the sweets.
Bags stuffed with treats will finish off the party as each little goblin grabs and goes from the happy haven of the Costume Clubhouse to the haunting darkness that lurks beyond.
To create your own Costume Clubhouse party just in time for Halloween, visit the Lettering Delights site where you will find the files to make each of these decorations, party favors, games and more. Some of the games are freebies from my U-Pick button, so prowl around there for a few more treats. Also visit my earlier posts throughout October to get the scoop on each of these partying projects.

Happy Halloween to all and to all a sweet and safe night!

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