Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Destination Dainty

Just the thing before that “just married” couple leaves on their honeymoon. This Vintage Hanky wedding garland is perfect for styling a wedding shower, a wedding reception, or even the bride’s room where she will get ready to go away with her groom just after they say “I do.”

The garland comes in all six Vintage Hanky color themes and can be personalized to say anything the bride would like. To order this or any of the other wedding them garland sets, go to my Etsy shop and request a custom order.

To add one more bit of decor to the beautiful wedding venue, choose to say Mr. and Mrs. (or bride and groom) to hang on the doors of the rooms where the bride and groom will await their ceremony.

Above is a chart showing each color option to choose from when adding a bit of dainty to the wedding decor.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Dainty Hanky Wedding

Today celebrates my niece’s first wedding anniversary (congrats to you both). This is the niece who encouraged me to design wedding stationery (with the original Signature Fragrance invitation design, aka: Elijah & Megan invitations) and now, one year later I am having fun creating many wedding stationery sets and enjoying working with wonderful brides to be. 

Megan and Elijah’s wedding was a statement of simple elegance. (if you would like to see it, you can go here and experience the charm of that day). It was such a pleasure having the opportunity and now memories of working on their special day with them. Thank you, M & E!

Today I am sharing yet another wedding stationery set called Vintage Hanky Wedding. This collection is perfect for outdoor venues such as farm, orchard or field weddings . . . it is destination dainty, destination hanky, and destination fun. The collection has five color themes, all are floral, with the exception of this one being showcased today, called strawberry fields . . . forever . . . fun.

In keeping with the theme of vintage hankies, linens, and aprons I have given each of my wedding stationery pieces a motif that might have been an everyday part of your grandmother’s past, from the scalloped edges of her apron; the waves of vines on her tea towels; and the decorative shape of the hanky she surely carried in her gloved hands every Sunday morning.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding (or other event) and would like to bring back the simpler times of mid-century, mid-American style, I have just the dry goods for you. And to “preserve” one of your grandmother’s recipes of sweetness, you might even want to spread the love with some jams and jellies labeled with your own personal message for your wedding guests.

Below you will see a few samples of the aqua and yellow vintage hanky color set, and below that the five color sets for this collection, now available in my Etsy shop.

Image above shows color themes: Strawberry Set and Aqua and Yellow Set

Image above shows color themes for the Mint Set and Peach Set

Image above shows color themes for the Pink Set and Pink and Gray Set

Image above shows color themes for the Yellow Set and Yellow and Gray Set

Friday, August 30, 2013

Forever and Ever, Amen!

It has taken me forever and ever to finally get the first wedding collection design ready and available on my Etsy shop, but it is finally here! Amen, to that!

For a garden wedding, nature wedding, or vintage and rustic style wedding, this Signature Fragrance collection is a natural go-together with your signature day!

This collection is based on the wedding stationery I designed for my niece’s wedding last fall and it has become a favorite of many. Now it can be ordered under the collection name Signature Fragrance Wedding and it has all of the stationery pieces designed with this lovely, vintage floral style in mind. 

It comes with six color themes (and within each theme there are three additional color options). I’m sure there is something for every bride’s taste and style in this collection.

I have created a wedding sample and planning kit that can be purchased now through the Etsy shop. It comes with a generic wording sample of my signature-frame cut invitation and color coordinated A7 envelope, with return address label. Also in the kit are a thank you card, response/info card, save the date card, and a color chart to see exactly what color options are available, and how those colors will look printed. The samples will be a way for you to not only see, but feel the cut and style of these hand-crafted wedding stationery pieces. If you choose to buy the wedding kit, you can then apply that credit to an actual order, should you decide to purchase any of the Signature Fragrance wedding stationery on my Etsy site.

Above is a sample of what comes in the wedding sample and planning kit. This kit comes with a variety of color options so you can see different color choices. The photo above shows color options from these sets: Lichen & Slate, Pistachio & Chocolate, Butter & Charcoal, and Grass & Plum. To see the complete sample and planning kit you can go here to my Etsy shop.

Below are the six color themes as complete sets with each piece of wedding stationery available. Not only can you choose from many color options, you can choose to have thank you cards read “thank you” or be personalized with your names on the cards. You can choose to have envelope liners, and you can even choose to have rounded corners for the rectangular stationery pieces. (see all six sets below, and click on each image to enlarge for more detail)

Below is a sample of the save the date cards. Specific information can be found here.

Below is a sample of the invitations. Specific information can be found here.

Below is a sample of the response/info cards. Specific information can be found here.

Below is a sample of the thank you cards. Specific information can be found here.

I even have wedding garland that can be made to your specific wording. These pieces would also make great table numbers for your reception tables. Below is a sample of the wedding garland and the chart for choosing the garland color options. Specific information can be found here.

I will be adding the other wedding collections themes to my Etsy shop next week and will share those collections with you soon. They are Beau Nouveau, Floral Fields, Floral Chalkboard, and a new one I haven’t even shared on my blog or Facebook page yet, but a favorite of mine ~Vintage Hanky wedding collection.

The good news is, you won’t have to wait forever and ever to see these collection arrive on my Etsy site! And to that we can all say ~ Amen!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love and Marriage . . .

June is often thought of as the month for weddings. Though June is quickly fading into the month of July it is in fact a month of weddings, or the beginning of weddings for the Sheri McCulley Studio. I will soon be making available a series of unique design themes for wedding stationery that can be ordered and purchased through my Etsy shop.

I have had a number of requests for a wedding invitation I enjoyed working on with my niece, Megan, for her wedding last fall. It was personal, unique, and fit the lovely natural and intimate theme of Megan and Elijah’s special event.

Their wedding is being featured today on the wonderful Wedding Chick’s wedding blog and I hope you will take a trip to the site to view their darling and very personal style that they hand designed, hand picked, and hand made for their special outdoor wedding. The photography for their wedding was shot by the wonderful and amazing Leekers photography. They captured each moment of the day just as we know Megan and Elijah in their signature style. The lovely photo of Megan in her wedding dress holding the invitation is from the Leekers portfolio, and I thank them for the use of it. Please visit their site if you are looking for that personal touch to capture your special event forever.

I am now creating color variations for this Signature Fragrance wedding collection, and there will be many to pick from to make the stationery set as personal as your wedding day. The photo above is fresh off the press and ready for a bridal shower for yet another Megan. I have an idea you will find the colors of your choice when you see the complete set, along with save the date, response cards and personalized thank you cards. Below is a sneak peek of the colors and options for this Signature Fragrance theme. Your wedding day is your personal signature and I want your wedding stationery to have that same signature style personalized just for you.

In addition I will be adding new collections frequently. The photo below is one of many color options that will be available for the collection Beau Nouveau. A timely collection to appeal to an era gone by, but not forgotten. This theme steps back in time a century ago while maintaining its current style for today’s look. This is where vintage and modern go together like . . . love and marriage!

I plan to have the Etsy shop available before this “wedding month” has come to a close for brides to place their orders. In the meantime I encourage you to enjoy a visit to the Leekers and Wedding Chicks sites to get a close up view of this lovely wedding of my niece and nephew-in-law and experience the joy we all shared on their wedding day. Who knows, it might just make you want to say “I do” or even “renew” with the one you love. Here is the link to my Etsy shop of the wedding stationery sets available. Sheri McCulley Studio Shop on Etsy!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kansas City to LA via Tokyo

No, that’s not crazy flight routing. It’s the path some of my designs have taken to arrive on American desks.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some really quality people making really quality products from my designs, and near the top of that list is Gakken Sta:Ful, the stationery company from Japan who we met at Surtex 2011.

As I said a year ago, Gakken’s designers have created beautiful products based on my patterns and illustrations, and I am delighted by their understanding and honored by their preservation of my style even as they format and combine my patterns in their own unique and original way. It’s interesting to see how this visual “editing” process produces something that is distinctly new and Japanese in its sensibility--even with its American roots. And their commitment to quality and detail is outstanding.

Although intended mainly for the Japanese market (and sold under the trademark “Sheri Lynn,” which better fits their home market’s needs), the stationery Gakken has created is also distributed in America exclusively via Ginko Papers, a company that specializes in bringing Japanese stationery to the U.S.

After keeping an eye on the many Sheri Lynn-branded Gakken products that Ginko distributes for the past year or so, we recently introduced ourselves to Garin Hussenjian, who founded and operates Ginko in Los Angeles. I was eager to learn a little more about her background and what she’s envisioning for the future.

Garin Hussenjian
According to LinkedIn, you have degrees in both English and art. How did these experiences lead you to start a paper products company?

Garin: I’d like to think everything in life feeds into one another in some way. The links between my education and my company are not direct and clear, but knowing that education is a part of me must shape my outlook and aesthetic decisions all along the way.

Why did you decide to focus on Japanese stationery?

Garin: I have always loved Japanese culture and paper. I was three when I first encountered a Japanese children’s exhibit at the Boston Children’s Museum. A traditional Japanese room was recreated with tatami floors and bamboo accents. I took my shoes off, walked in, and didn’t want to leave! After many trips to Japan and collecting stationery--which I had done since I was a little girl--I knew I wanted to start a business that filled this stationery void in the States.

Do you think large retailers will ever carry products like these, or will they always be a “specialty shop” thing?

Garin: One of our best buyers is a large national chain called Blick Art Materials. They carry quite a bit of our letter sets, mini bags, and FunTape. I think we have been able to bring in low enough pricing to interest the bigger stores, but have a unique high-end product that remains the niche of the smaller, specialty shops.

How do you feel about the demand for pattern-driven stationery products vs. character-driven lines? Do you think America would ever embrace another Japanese character giant like Hello Kitty?

Garin: As a little girl, I loved the Sanrio line of characters, especially Hello Kitty! I am not sure how characters will do in the current market. Sanrio established a strong foothold in the US in the mid-1970s and has not let go. All other characters have become secondary to the Sanrio market. Between Disney’s characters and Sanrio, I am not sure there’s room for more.

How do you foresee growth on the direct-sales retail side of your website vs. the wholesale business?

Garin: We started as a retail website and after getting many, many wholesale requests, we finally added wholesale to our business. Since then, our wholesale sales have far surpassed our retail sales. We may eventually consider eliminating retail entirely and making the business entirely wholesale.

Garin, making new friends in the industry and seeing them prosper is one of the best parts of art licensing, and we wish you continued success with Ginko Papers. I look forward to developing new products with Gakken Sta:Ful that will help keep your pipeline filled with the beauty and mystique of Japan (and a little American inspiration) for years to come.

If you are in the business and attend the National Stationery Show or Surtex next week, be sure to visit the Ginko Papers booth (NSS booths 2657-2659) and the Sheri McCulley Studio (right next door at Surtex, booth 730). 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring flowers ~ forever fresh

It isn’t Easter time without daffodils, tulips and of course Easter lilies. I have a way for you to force these bulbs to bloom right now and become a beautiful bouquet in time for Easter Sunday.

I have created another set of Cut Flowers files for Lettering Delights, this time for the Easter ~ Spring season. This complete set comes with daffodils, tulips, Easter lilies, hyacinths, crocuses and lily of the valley flowers. You can see the complete set of the flowers in the diagram below and tutorials for each type of flower to help in making your own bouquet.

To make the tulip flowers use the tulip petals and leaves (I chose to have two petal sets). Cut out the petals on text weight paper, bend into cup shape by using dull scissors (or I use a bamboo skewer) to gently bend the individual petals into shape (both inward and outward at the ends). Then thread over painted or dyed bamboo skewer that becomes the stem for the tulip (using the center hole that is in the middle of the petal pieces). Next, make the stamen (once it is cut out of text paper) by twisting it tightly around the skewer and gluing it over the pointed end of the tip of the skewer (after you have positions the petals as you like them). Cut out the leaves and glue them (use tacky or white glue) onto the green skewer stem to complete the flower. For the tulip and the daffodil flowers I used a 10 or 12 inch skewer for the stem.

To make the daffodil flowers cut out all pieces of the flower using text weight paper in appropriate colors. Make the bell/cone of the flower by gently bending (rolling) the piece into a trumpet or bell shape and glue the ends of the rolled piece together. Bend the main petal flower downward with the skewer or dull scissors and then glue the bell/cone shape to the main petals (matching up the pointed tips of the cone to the center of each petal. (see white daffodil in photo above). Next, make the stamen by twisting it tightly around the skewer and gluing it over the pointed end of the tip of the skewer (after you have positions the petals as you like them). Cut out the leaves and glue them onto the green skewer stem to complete the flower.

To make the Easter lily flowers cut out all pieces of the flower using text weight paper in appropriate colors. Make the trumpet of the lily by gently bending (rolling) the piece into a cone shape. Bend the ends of each petal flower outward with the skewer or dull scissors and then glue the ends of the trumpet shape together. Next, make the stamen by twisting it gently around the skewer and gluing then individual stamen piece with the others. As the stem for this flower I used thick florist green cloth wire so the lily would bend out from it. I used a glue gun to attach the trumpet and stamen (tucked inside the trumpet to the end of the wire and then also glues leaves down the wire. You could also use a skewer for the stem, but I think a bend in the stem is nice for this type of flower and a wire looks better.

To make the crocus flowers use the same instructions and technique as described for the tulip, with the exception of bending the petals inward and not back outward. Also, to make the leaves for this flower twist them tightly around the skewer and glue near the base of the painted or dyes green skewer that becomes the stem. For this flower I used a six or eight inch skewer.

To make the hyacinth flowers cut out many star shaped petals from text weight paper to have enough for a full flower. Then shape each petal by bending it into shape with the skewer (bending the petals away from the center outwardly). Once there are enough petals, glue them onto a dyed (or painted) wooden dowel with a glue gun, about a .25-.375 inch dowel and about 6-8 inched long, positioning them around the dowel. Then glue the leaves quite far down onto the dowel-stem to complete the flower.

To make the lily of the valley flowers cut out many of the little white star shaped petals from text weight paper. Once cut, shape each flower with the skewer, bending inward and outward each petal. I chose to use green cloth florist wire to hang the flowers from and glue gunned each white flower onto the curved end of the wire. I then glued all of the wired flowers together with the glue gun and covered up the wire cluster with the large lily of the valley leaves. There is a stem shape in the file that can be used for the little white lilies to hang from, but you will need to use thick paper if you are using that stem and glue each flower shape to it.

To make this lovely spring bouquet in time for Easter, go to Lettering Delights and you will find the Cut Flowers Easter set to choose this set and many others for your Easter and spring celebrations. Have a happy Easter this year!