Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Joys at Christmastime

I have recently learned about a quilters magazine that wrote a little blurb about the Christmas fabric collection that I did with Northcott, The 12 Joys of Christmas. This magazine is Quilters Newsletter ( and the issue is December/January 2011, page 30.

This collection has such sentimental value to me as it really does showcase the joys our family has this time of year. The holiday season will always be filled with gifts, but so many of the gifts this family receives are those of family time together, memories we are making for our kids to look back on, and our own treasured memories of our childhood with family and friends throughout our past. No beautifully wrapped box with a wonderful gift inside can ever replace the cherished moments we share with those we love.

The 12 Joys of Christmas collection does bring me joy, but this season I remixed the color palette to reflect my Sheri Berry color style and every time I get to put a little pink into anything, the joy is enjoyed by me even more. Here are some holiday cards in the new re-pink-mix colorway.

Take this season to find joy in every moment and with every person you spend this holiday with. Have a blessed and joyous season.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Latest postcard sightings, or shall I say signings?

Time to update the postcard designs for the collegiates. As this year comes to a close and the school year is now half over, I am halfway through the “snail-mail postcard project” that I have been doing with the daughter and a handful of her friends this year. It is probably more fun for me, but I have been told the girls are all about it too. Well, sure, they get fun stuff in their mailboxes, not bills and junk mail like I get. We are now up to sixteen cards and here is the latest installment to share.

Okay, this lot covers the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, week by week, starting with a happy thought that should leave you feeling all warm inside.

A recipe for a hot, spicy, cranberry and orange cider accompanied this card on the back.

A listing of my favorite thanksgiving hymns, poems and songs embellished the back of this one. Yes, “We Gather Together” was among them. :)

General merriment in a winter woodland. Well, we can all pretend, can’t we?

Time for some great flicks all should see at least once in their lifetime, better yet, once a year.

A list of some of the best Christmas stories were encouraged, as the kids will have a few weeks off to sit and read by the fire, or cell, or laptop. That is, when they aren’t facebooking. Rudolph, Frosty, Scrooge and Grinch accompanied Santa in this list of the best.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good read!