Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas surprise in Living color

I received my December issue of Country Living magazine the other day and always look forward to paging through it each time it arrives. It is a magazine that I have known and enjoyed for years. I remember my mom subscribing to it many years ago. She was one of the original subscribers when it began thirty years back. So, I feel like the magazine has been a part of my life, well, longer than even my own family. It is one of only two magazines that I loyally subscribe to and this month I was especially glad that I do.

As I came to a section in the magazine called “Dazzling Holiday Decorating Ideas” I noticed a neat advent calendar made with little matchboxes stacked into a pyramid and wrapped with festive holiday paper. It was then that I noticed the paper used for wrapping the little boxes was my paper that I had designed for K&Company. How fun to see, and what a nice surprise to find in the magazine.

I then flipped to the next page and found little nickel frames hanging on a Christmas tree framing more of my art. Well, needless to say, it put me in a happy frame of mind!

If you are interested in seeing these projects from Country Living and you are not a subscriber, you can learn more by visiting Once there, go to: crafts>projects> craft ideas for Christmas decorations, to see how these projects are made.

The original paper can be found at scrapbooking shops which carry the Swell Noel collection by K&Company.