Sunday, October 9, 2011

It’s In the Bag!

Time to start making those little gift bags for those little ones in costume who will be tricking you if you don’t get this treat in their hands come Halloween night. The bags are so easy to make with the downloadable file from LD (the Costume Clubhouse Potpourri set) and a few other craft supplies you likely already have available from your craft-stash.

shown here, all of the supplies needed to make the bags as I did

Simply print each bag design (there are six) and trim and fold on the lines shown on the printout. Once you have them folded you will glue or tape (double stick) the flap under the front of the bag so that you have a rectangular tube (as if wrapping a gift). Then tuck the bottom pieces in, first the short ends then long and glue or tape them as well. Now you should have a little grocery style bag.

If you would like to put handles on the bags as I did, you can use ribbon, twine, paper raffia or whatever you like for the handles. I used a thin paper raffia that I already had but it was light blue and not the right look for Halloween. So, what to do? I cut and painted pieces of it (about 8" long) with black craft paint, let them dry and then braided them together to make a thicker handle. My real reason for wanting to do this was to make the handles look like black licorice. Once you have handles just glue or tape them (regular, not double stick) inside the bag, one on the front and one on the back.

Next you might want to add a few sheets of tissue paper and a label attached with ribbon or twine if you like to show who that bag has been specially made for. The labels will also be available on LD (Costume Clubhouse sets) early in the week as print and cuts. (They are the labels and tags shown in these photos)

All that is left to do is add the treat to the bag. Yes, I know, the bag is already a treat in itself, but come on, who doesn’t like a sweet treat as well? Kids always will! :) And now it’s time to be the first on your Trick or Treat Street to brag on your bag.

treat bags shown here with the art that is on one side of the bag when made

treat bags shown here with the art that is on the reverse side of the bag when made

Go to the Sheri’s Creations link at the top, right of the blog to find more spooktacular downloadable treats with Costume Clubhouse at LD.

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