Friday, October 7, 2011

Trick or Sweet!

Let’s face it, Halloween is synonymous with candy, well in my mind it always has been. So what better way to enjoy this holiday than to share the cuteness with candy-critters and the rest of the members at the Costume Clubhouse, now available for crafting craziness at LD.
It’s like being a kid in a candy shop with so many options to choose from. I couldn’t even decide myself which projects to make to show you the endless possibilities, so I’m sharing them all.

In order for you to create your own little candy stash you will need to get these sets from LD to make these sweetest treats you see in the photos. You should start with the Costume Clubhouse Potpourri set to get some of the candy bar wrappers and treat tents. Then you’ll want to grab the Costume Clubhouse Sweet Treats graphic set to have the little candy and gum critters help celebrate the fun. The tags set is good for personalizing the candy treats before you give them to your favorite goblins, witch :) reminds me that the little ghosts and bats from the Costume Clubhouse graphic set will set you up with lot-o-choices!

Oh my goodness, this gave me the chance to find my favorite vintage gums including Black Jack, Beemans and Zebra Stripe. I even gave them their own mascots to help get you stuck on them if you’re too young to know these flavors or bring back that happy memory of your own childhood if you grew up with them like I did. (Photos complete with vintage tinting:)

You will see a few additional labels in the photos that are not on LD today, but by early next week you will spot them in the Costume Clubhouse collection on LD along with other fun sets and projects awaiting you. Not to worry, I have many of those treats to share with you throughout the next few weeks.

To recreate any of the ideas you see in these photos think scissors and/or knife, glue and/or double stick tape, a few of your favorite jars and vials, a little string, a little ribbon and lots and lots of candy and gum to fill the fun for Halloween.

If you want to go directly to LD to see the entire Costume Clubhouse graphics collection go to the button at the top, right on my blog, just above “U-Pick” where it says Sheri’s Creations and with a simple click you will be on your way to Halloween Happiness!


barbgep said...

Oh, Sheri, congratulations on LD! It is so neat---I love it all.

Sharol Taylor said...

Where did you get the TUBE set, I love that and have never seen it?

Sheri McCulley said...

Sharol, I found that test tube set thrifting a few years ago, but I think it has holiday candies or cocoa in it originally (probably) at a Target or Walmart type store for the holidays. So, you might look for something similar after Christmas (or now even) in the holiday section of a similar store this year.