Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pop, Wrap, Eat!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. print out cute Halloween paper from the LC Costume Clubhouse paper pack set
2. get water bottles (which you probably already have on hand)
3. take about three minutes to pop your favorite popcorn in the microwave.

Whip up the quickest food and drink idea for your party without sparing the style. Popcorn is always a staple at parties and holiday events. Water has become the drink of choice, or at least the drink on hand (in hand:) just about everywhere you look. So, take those easy staples and turn them into a party favorite without the time and fuss other food and drinks require.

When you have your popcorn made, as many or few flavors as you like, simply use the paper patterns from the Lettering Delights Costume Clubhouse paper pack set to make quick cone wraps for the popcorn. I printed out some of the designs on 8.5 x 11 paper and simply twisted them into cone shapes, used a little tape at top and bottom to secure them and then added one more garnish of tissue to complete the look.

Once the cones were filled with flavored popcorn I thought labeling them would be helpful for the guests, so I whipped out a few colorful banners, glued them to skewers and embellished with some of the popcorn, candy and apple critters from the LD Costume Clubhouse Sweet Treats set and stuck them right into the popcorn cones.

Next came the easy water bottle wraps with a few additional paper designs from the paper pack set and the cameo faces of the Costume Clubhouse members. I love using these medallion cameos because they work great for keeping track of who has which water bottle, cupcake, straw or anything you want to label in order to personalize at your party without the “my name is” labels of dorkiness. The cupcake toppers and matching cupcake wraps will be available soon, so stay tuned as I will keep you updated.

I chose the smaller, 8 oz. water bottles and covered them with paper that was about 2" x 8.5" (this way you only have to print out the 8.5 x 11 paper and trim it every 2" for the label wrap) and secured them with glue or tape. Then I chose from the clubhouse member cameos (little circle cupcake toppers) and glued those to the center of the label wrap. We are talking as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Above are samples of the many paper options for this collection and there are even more available in the paper pack at LD. Believe me, you will have an endless supply of patterns to work with and many of them will work beyond the Halloween season.

In the photo at top there are also plastic ware and napkins in the picture. Those are also wrapped with borders from the Costume Clubhouse collection on LD and they come in very handy for multiple uses. Later in the week I will show you my favorite projects with the border set.

To see the complete Costume Clubhouse set go the Sheri’s Creations “Get it Here!” button at the top, click and see nearly 300 images from this complete set for only $25. And if you don’t think that’s a good enough savings, take an additional 25% off your purchase at check out if you spend $20 or more when you enter the coupon code: SweetTreat. This is a sweet deal!


LEEANN said...

What a cute idea. Perfect for those classroom parties. Thanks for the inspiration.

Crafty Starkie said...

Wow! These are seriously adorable! I NEED my new Cameo so bad so I can buy and play!