Monday, March 15, 2010

Woodland Wonder

This is a sampling of a collection that I have been working on for Woodland Tails. It is a collection developed for babies with a menagerie of woodland creatures who are fully delighted with their natural surrounding. Since we all know that pink lambs and aqua giraffes are naturally at home with oversized flowers, oblong trees and colorful mushrooms, the setting, though whimsical seems the perfect landscape for the adoring creatures who inhabit it.

This collection is probably my favorite to date. The inspiration behind these little creatures comes from many years ago, when I had a brown, velvet dress with tiny woodland creatures tossed about the print. I can’t remember it exactly and I only have a small photo of myself wearing the dress, but as I recall, the animals were a giraffe, peacocks, deer and horse. The photo of me with my crooked bangs (on the blog, to the right) is of that little dress that encouraged me to create Woodland Tails. It’s my version of that happy (or pouty as the photo will tell:) time in life when Mom dressed me in her favorite clothes because, well, that was her job and she may as well have enjoyed it. Thanks, Mom, you made a good choice. :)