Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special Delivery S-care Package!

Time to send a care package which my daughter must get in time for Halloween to be in the spirit. Lucky for me, my nephew will be at her school for college days on October 31, so the s-care package will be hand delivered just in time.
My, how time flies. When my two kids were little ones we had such fun dressing them in non-traditional costumes for Halloween. I believe one of my daughter’s first costumes was of a little old lady, complete with baggy hose around her little ankles, a pocket book hanging from her tiny wrist, and granny glasses framing her sweet face. None of those scary costumes like devils, ghosts and bats were worn by my kids. No, no, I reserve those costume themes for my art. :)

Actually, if I could have make costumes to look like the sweet Costume Clubhouse kids out of fabrics I’m sure I would have dressed my daughter in the silly spirits tiptoeing ghost and my son in the black acro-bat balancing on the iron fence. Those two characters capture my kids’ spirits, maybe that’s why they are my faves of the Costume Clubhouse kids.
Well, we must have loved the senior citizen theme for costuming quite a bit, as a few years later my son got in on the action with his own little old man look, complete with plaid shirt and clashing tie.
Even my niece joined the party that year with her very own styling of senior-ity fashion. I love the graceful poses and the missing teeth, just like the real thing. :)

Aaww, this would be one of those sweet moments between my two kids. They still are sweet to one another. Hummm, wonder if it helps that the daughter is away at school? :)
And this would be my nephew, now all grown up and towering over the rest of us, heading to college days today. He was the only kid in our bunch that year to dress in a costume of the times. It must have been around 1999 as Buzz was making the buzz with Toy Story 2 in theaters at the time. At five, my nephew was going to be “in” for Halloween, not “out” or “old” like his older sister and cousins that year.

Now he’s off to check out college and be my personal courier. How quickly it all happens. From those silly, little costumes to grown up life. Hey, that’s a little like it was for Andy in Toy Story 3. Well the nice thing is we can always share hand-me-downs in costumes and toys with the next generation and there will always be photos to remind us of the good ’ol days, when our kids were the little ones, all excited to go door to door and beg for candy.


-Arielle- said...

Auntie you are such a great photographer! You always took the best photos of your kids. And those costumes are just the cutest thing!

Anonymous said...

And these pictures make my old mommy heart just want to weep. Those were some cute lil' ones we had! Precious memories forsure. Auntie J.

jacob20martin said...

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