Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hanging around ’til Halloween

Nothing makes the statement that a party is on like streamers and banners. They are on, they are in, and they are about the partying scene like never before. So get with it and get your banners, streamers and garland on and up for Halloween so that everyone knows you are in this season.

Once again, an easy group of projects that will not only show your Halloween enthusiasm on the outside of the house, but inside as well when your party is on, and very in.
Almost everything you need for these banners and garland are likely house hold items hanging around your house begging to swing with style. Got string? Got straws? Then you’re off to a good start. Now, a little glue, tissue, some small craft brads and a few files from the Costume Clubhouse collection by LD and you are going to be ready for creating.

Here is the list of Costume Clubhouse LD files I used from the cut it sets: CC Banners, CC Garland and CC Webs (or you can get the three sets in the bundle). Also the CC Borders, CC Sweet Treats (for the candies) and CC Characters (for the bats and ghosts). I also used the CC Alphabet (for got candy? letters).
The “Happy Halloween” bunting banner is pretty much self explanatory; just print, cut, fold in half to points and glue or tape together with string or ribbon sandwiched between. Make sure you have plenty of extra string on each end of the completed banner for hanging.
For the “Trick or Treat” garland: print and cut the circular letters/icons on orange background and two of the medallion spiders. Print and cut the black webs (14 total). If you want to attach the webs with small brads, simply make a pinhole punch on the left and right points of the webs and attach each to the next in line. See close up below. Then glue or tape the “trick or treat” words and spider medallions (between each word) onto the webs. Add string or ribbon to hang.
The “Got Candy?” garland is done like the “trick or treat” garland with a few changes. Print and cut the green webs (10 total), the letters from the alphabet to read “Got Candy?” and the candy icons of your choice from the Sweet Treats set. Attach the green webs together left to right with the pinholes and brads. Glue or tape the black letters to each web with a candy icon between the two words. Use the brads that attach the webs together to hang little candy icons between each web (make small pinholes in the top of each candy for hanging). See close up below.
To make the hanging streamers with tissue pompoms and spider medallions you will need to print and cut the following: medallion spiders from the “trick or treat” garland set. (I used two green with two orange to make each crisscross medallion with 12 points, and two yellow with two blue for each crisscross medallion with 18 points.) Borders of choice for the wavy pieces (I used the ghosts and owls, printed on both sides, from the CC borders). Borders of choice for the scalloped pieces (I used the scalloped words in black–“trick or treat” and in orange–“happy halloween” and printed two of each for each piece). I also used the scalloped borders with dots and stars (two of each for each piece).
Have plenty of string to work with as you make these streamers. You will need to glue the pieces together with the string sandwiched between every time to make a new segment.
To make the wavy pieces (see close up above) you will hole punch (.25" hole or larger) approximately every 2" in the middle of the vertical border (left to right) to make about nine holes. Then you will thread a straw (with string inside) through and gently tighten to make an accordion wave.

For the scalloped vertical borders you will simply glue the two pieces together making sure to sandwich the string between as you glue. Add colorful straws between the segments to cover the string as you go.
The photo above shows the pieces needed for the vertical streamers. Notice the blue spider medallion folded in half (at center of photo). This is how you will fold and then glue spider medallions together to make a cross or ‘x’ with the string sandwiched between.

An easy way to cover the string with straws is to slice the straw with scissors and then wrap around the string. This way you will not have to thread each straw and can add those, choosing color and length once the streamers are done. The sliced straw will not be visible and super easy to attach. I’m into this trick and think it will be more of a treat for you when creating this otherwise dexterously-challenged project. Also, an extra pair of hands might be welcomed for this craft. Okay, so the streamers are a little more complicated, but come on, so festive you’ve got to try them.
The only other hanging decor to make are the bats and ghosts playing on the pompoms. These are simple as you will print and cut the characters of choice (as large as about 8.5 x 11), two each in mirror image if you want them showing nicely from each side while hanging. Once you have the tissue pompoms made (with plenty of string on each end) you will glue the two sides of the character together, sandwiching the string between so that there is plenty of string to hang the playful pompoms.

Now, get your craft on and get these festive streamers and banners hanging to prove you’re in this Halloween.

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