Friday, October 21, 2011

This black cat will cross your path on Freebie Funday!

Every party since the beginning of time has had its version of pin the tail on the donkey. Well, at least for over a hundred years. This year you can have the Costume Clubhouse version of this iconic American game by simply downloading the freebie from my U-Pick button at the right.

The “pin the tail on the cat” game board can be printed out on an 11x17 sheet and nailed or taped to the wall. The cat tails can also be printed on an 11x17 and cut out for up to 20 players.
If you want to make your own fun blindfold in keeping with the theme of Costume Clubhouse you can go to Lettering Delights for the CC Masks and choose the mask you like best. If you print the mask on an inkjet t-shirt transfer, you can then iron it to a white 100% cotton fabric. Make sure you have plenty of fabric on either side of the transfer to tie a knot around a head; at least one yard.
This is the sample of the cat game board you will download of your own black cat.
This is the sample of the 20 cat tails you will print and cut.

Let this be the only black cat that crosses your path this time of year and it will change your superstitious opinion to start giving you lots-o-luck when the cats come a-prowling.


Poppy said...

Oh I like this! I might make one for the fridge and use magnets on the tails!

Christi said...

too cute! I will play this with my 4th graders next I just need to resurrect dropping a clothespin in the milk bottle! thanks for the fun Sheri!

barbgep said...

This is really cute Sheri. (I especially like the one pinning the tail on the cat.) She's pretty cute, too!

Sheri McCulley said...

Christi, yes you can even use the “Drop the Bones in the Milk Bottle” game if you go to my U-Pick button and download the labels for the game. :) SBD