Monday, October 31, 2011

A tiny package that was a hoot to open!

Okay, so the daughter got the care package and it really wouldn’t have mattered what was inside, because a care package in college is simply all about the fact that you received a package and what’s inside is just the icing on top. This care package even had a black tee shirt she’d forgotten at home, last visit, but even it was a hoot to re-get . . . since it was in a wrapped box. :)

Of course the halloween staple was included, candy obviously, and also a few other tiny trinkets that could fit into the small owl and green medallion boxes. Shrinky dinked costume characters fit quite well into a box of that size and even some trinkets from a gumball machine found their way into the little owl box. These are little harvest creatures made of rubber; a fox, a rabbit and a squirrel and they seem to be all the rage right now from little tikes to big college kids. They have even invaded the common brick and mortar stores and are known on the aisles as Squinkies. Pretty much rubber in a mold, but the cutest mound of rubber that you ever did see.

In my time the cutest trinket at the five and dime was something called a Zoolery. It was a tiny caged animal hanging on a chain, to be worn as jewelry from the Liddle Kiddles collection. Today, it would be marketed as either a Squinkie or a Teensie of Littlest Pet Shop but with a bigger price tag attached and possibly found at the 5$ and 10$.

Whatever the generation, there will always be tiny things to find and collect. Whatever the age, getting a care package is always exciting, you might even say, it’s a hoot!

Happy Hooting!


Miladylc said...
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Miladylc said...

Loved this collection Sheri