Monday, December 3, 2012

Paper Chains ~ Simple Pleasures

I have a lovely, white feather tree that stands about 15 inches tall. It is a delicate and soft addition to the holiday decor and I love to trim it each year with pieces that compliments its simple beauty. 

This year I chose to string a few chains of garland made from tiny bits of paper cuttings. These are from the Cut Flowers Holiday set I am working on with Lettering Delights  now available on Lettering Delights.

This project of simple beauty is truly simple to create as well and takes only a short time to complete. I simply cut the miniature icons from papers chosen from Paper Source (the colors are Blossom, Strawberry, Papaya, Curry, Chartreuse, Sage, Leaf and Moss all in text weight). I then glued the pieces end to end, twisting and turning, these delicate flowers and leaves to weave a few chains of paper throughout the tiny tree.

I think life’s simple pleasures don’t get much simpler than this. :)

Please check back often to see when you can buy these cut files on Lettering Delights and view my many other craft and decor projects I have been making with the Cut Flowers Holiday set.

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Anonymous said...

These are very pretty!!! :)