Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas cards on display

We all gets many holiday cards this time of year and I have a few ideas to help you show off those cards of caring from your friends and loved ones.

For any of the cards you receive that are folded, you can hang them over this swaying garland, made to fit as many cards as you wish to display.

To make the swags of medallions to hang the cards from you will need the Swell Noel medallion set on LD. They require six sides per medallion. Choose, print and cut six pieces that match in shape and size. Once you have all six pieces, you will fold each down the middle, place one half of one piece directly in line with another half of another piece and glue those two halves together.

Repeat this until you have all but one folded piece left to finish the complete medallion. At this time you will position the very long strand of string (ribbon, baker's twine, etc) into the middle of the set, but do not glue it into place, only position it (as you will want to shift the medallions along the string as you have cards to display between them). Then glue the last medallion piece into its position, while making sure the string has not also been glued down (for movability). Continue making medallions until you have as many as you like for displaying with your hanging cards, shift them into place and hang.

These swags of garland can also be used on the tree for trimming or can dangle in rows along windows or doorways, sharing a bit more cheer throughout the house. They can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on their purpose.

To make the Merry Christmas garland (shown above) you will need the Swell Noel garland set on LD. I printed out each oval of letter, printed a complimentary patter (from the Swell Noel paper packs) on the back and then trimmed each oval to spell out the greeting.

I then glittered each piece with just enough sparkle to give the look of glistening snow. I found a charming bit of lace with pearl beads to attach each letter to the next to make a dangling garland to hang in the doorway. This garland would look lovely hanging down a long thin window by a front door, to greet to your guests.

And if you want one other swell swag you can use any of the 3-D ornaments you have already made and let them shimmer as they dangle from your own fluffs of garland and a few colorful mini ornaments dotted between. These Swell Noel ornaments, medallions and garland can be found on LD by clicking here.

Now, along with your Christmas cards on display, you can swagger with pride as you display your garlands of glee this Christmas season.

Happy Holidays from me to you!

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Kerri said...

Thanks for visiting my blog for the first time Sheri, and for your sweet comment!! I love your darling vintage inspired collections. I think you're a girl after my own heart too. ;)

Love the idea for the cards, and your garlands!! So sweet and adorable!!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Kerri :)