Saturday, December 22, 2012

Don’t open ’til Christmas!

When you wrap your gifts in these papers, you won’t want them to be opened until December 25.

When I was a little girl my grandmother would save all of the gift wrap after the presents were opened, carefully pealing off the cellophane tape, folding the paper on its already made creases, and storing it away for another Christmas future.

That was a time when you saved and reused just about everything. Well, I too have a hard time throwing away perfectly good gift wrap. For me it is mostly because I look at it as a work of art, and that not just the gift inside the wrapped box is something to treasure, but the gift wrap itself. And, like my grandmother, I just hate to throw things away.

Well, I wish I had saved many of those abc (aka: already been creased) wrapping papers that grandma had stored away, because I just love the artwork of that time period.

Which brings me to Swell Noel, a collection I have designed with all of the charm, fondness and retro-kitsching that those mid-century years bring back to my memory.

The designs from this collection have been made into ornaments, scrapbooking supplies, cards, wrapping papers . . . and now are brought to you by Lettering Delights.

The papers available in the Swell Noel collection with LD have been put into two sets, with 12 designs each. They are great for scrapbooking, card making, backgrounds, and of course for gift wrapping. This is my favorite way to use the paper pattern designs. The photos show many of the paper designs and some ideas on how to wrap with them, and the gift tags that are also available on LD.

So, if you haven’t finished wrapping those Christmas presents, and don’t want anyone to open their gifts until Christmas, you will want to get the Swell Noel paper packs and tags  from LD ~ but don’t wait until December 25!

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I really love your wrapping!! :)