Sunday, December 16, 2012

Have a Holly-Bally Christmas!

Christmas decor seems complete when the tree is trimmed and the halls are decked with “balls” of holly. Well, in this case I have decked my halls with this holly ball. Just as I made the mistletoe ball, (see the post dated Dec 11 for details) I created this holly ball to hang for the holidays.

I used shades of green paper from Paper Source, cut many holly leaves with the Cut Flowers Holly set on LD, using mostly the two and thee shaped holly leaves (with holes in the middle).

I shaped the holly leaves with twists and bends using my bamboo skewer, thumb and forefinger. For the red berries, I used one inch mini ornaments.

When I had the leaves cut and shaped, I pinned them to a green styrofoam 5 inch ball using red pearl head straight pins. I distributed the berries throughout the ball and pinned them with the leaves into the foam ball. I added a thin green ribbon bow to the top and bottom, with an extra sprig of leaves and a berry dangling at the bottom below the holly ball.

I also created swags of holly garland with the same technique, choosing this time to string the shaped holly leaves and red balls along a thin green ribbon.

So, if you haven’t yet decked your halls for the holidays, consider creating this holly-day ball.

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