Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days to Christmas!

I love the idea of an advent calendar for Christmas, but this year got away from me and since I can’t turn back time I have a solution for the count down to December 25. I also love miniatures so this idea is perfect for mini-me!

I have used the Cut Flowers Advent Wraps to make little gift boxes for tiny trinkets to hide in until it is time to open each in the 12 days left until Christmas. So, let’s get this mini project made and ready for gift giving, starting today!

To make these mini boxes I used twelve matchboxes (the little ones). I painted the inside sliders white with craft paint. I then used the Cut Flowers Advent Wraps (see chart below), 1-12 and cut each to fit the matchboxes, wrapped around each completely and attached with tacky glue (the wrap size is 2.125" x 4.5" to cover the entire box).

I thought it would also be fun to make a few of the mini gifts to put in the boxes, so I made some tiny necklaces of mistletoe and holly. These are so simple, they take all of five minutes to make. 

I got mini jars with corks and hangers from JoAnn Fabrics, (they come two in a pack, these are only about an inch tall). I cut out mini mistletoe and holly leaves from green paper using the Cut Flowers Holly set on LD. These are teeny tiny (about an inch or less in length). I curled and shaped the leaves, slid then into the tiny jars and added white pearl beads (about .125") and red pearl heads from straight pins (snipping with wire cutters). I secured the jars with the corks and they are ready for a thin ribbon or chain, and of course a neck to hang around.

The photo of the jar above is made with a little larger jar, about 1.5" and a little wider.

I filled the twelve mini boxes with tiny treasures I knew my peeps would like and left them by the little white feather tree for daily gift giving right up until December 25.

I also made a little word garland with the leftovers from the Cut Flowers Holiday Wraps. It’s a shame to throw away any leftovers, especially if it’s paper. So, ho, ho, ho, these words won’t go!

Whether you give gifts for twelve more days, or insist that they . . . don’t open ’til Christmas, do have a Merry Christmas with yours and a Happy New Year!

With these 12 mini gift boxes, you could even have a count down to the new year, and have your party guests open a mini new year’s gift every five minutes until the clock strikes midnight.

Okay, this would be even more fun for all you romantics ~ if there are any men out there who read this blog (not likely, I know) but let’s pretend (or if any of you girls are trying to help your brother or best buddy figure out how to ask his girl to marry him at 12 midnight on January 1) I have an idea. Have the last mini gift box at the party be saved for his girl and have her open it as the clock strikes twelve. Surly you can guess what would be inside ~ an engagement ring, of course, accompanied by a gentleman on his knee. Now, that would be a very happy new year for a couple of you.

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