Monday, December 24, 2012

Pajama Party on Christmas Morning

When I was growing up we would open presents on Christmas Eve. With our own children for twenty years now, we open presents on Christmas morning.

We have photos over the years of those early Christmas mornings with the two kids in pajamas, eager to open their gifts. First, when they were tots it was footie pajamas, next long johns, and a few years later pajama tops and bottoms with robes were worn. 

For me growing up, one of the gifts I remember getting over and over at Christmastime from my grandmother was in fact pajamas (because they were a practical gift:). I still have a light pink nighty that she gave me when I was three, which later became my daughter’s “Fridy-nighty,” as we called it, which she wore only on Friday nights.

My favorite pajama look for little ones has always been the union suit style. It’s the footie kind without the feet. I thought it would be fun to make some pajamas to hang on a Christmas closeline this year and did this using many of the Swell Noel papers as the PJs patterns. I have a free downloadable file of the pajama pattern if you would like to make your own Christmas pajamas. See it at bottom of post.

With the pattern, just cut out and use as an outline shape (for the body, arm and leg cuffs, pocket, neck and back flap), or you might be able to use the outline pattern with your cutting machine, to do the tedious cutting for you. 


On the pattern, I have provided two sets of cuffs for each limb (front and back). I did this because you might want to print and cut pieces for both sides of the pajamas. This is what I did, as you will see in the photos, I have shown fronts and backs of all of the clothes. This way, you can hang the PJs on the tree, give them as cards or gifts, or hang them in a doorway or window, where they can be seen from both sides.

Once I chose the Swell Noel paper designs to use for the pajamas I cut them out after printing on both sides of the paper. I then cut out coordinating paper as the cuffs, pockets, back flap, etc. for the trim on the pajamas. I used buttons, lace and other bits and pieces to embellish each pair of pajamas as I saw fit.

I also used the Swell Noel tags, cut-it files and print and cut files to embellish the pajamas, making sure to have a gift tag for each pair, tucked inside the back flap of the PJs to coordinate with the pieces.

To make the back flap into a pocket, I made sure to only glue around the rounded curve of the flap and not the top, straight edge. However, it would be very cute to glue only the top, straight edge of the flap, so that a little message could be placed and read if the flap is lifted.

I also used flocked ribbon for the green pair of pajamas (on the cuffs, flap and deer—as seen in the photo above). This gives a bit of texture to the art.

This pattern, above, shows you what your downloadable file will look like to create your own pairs of Christmas PJs to hang around in this season.

The image, above, shows the pieces in red as the extras parts, and the green union suit in the shape for the Swell Noel paper designs.

To get the Swell Noel papers, tags, cut-it and print and cut files used in this project go here. To get the free pajama patter go here or click on my U-Pick button at the right, then choose from Sheri’s Creations the file name SwellPJsPattern.

To bring back memories of the little ones in your own life, opening presents in their PJs on Christmas morning, make a few pairs of pajamas to keep and hang in your home over the Christmas present and Christmas future. 

Have a very Merry Christmas from my home to yours!


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