Friday, December 7, 2012

Give a Garland

Garland: to be hung as decoration. That is the definition in words. Here are a number of visual descriptions to show what garland can be this holiday season. I will give details on each of these on the weekend, so please check back to learn about your favorite garland and how to make it. The first is a mistletoe ball to hang in the doorway for a little holiday cheer . . . on the lips. 

Everyone loves poinsettias this time of year and paper whites are in full bloom, so enjoy what’s red and white and beaut all over with this colorful combo to swag in the windows, or drape on the tree.

Holly, the iconic greenery of the season, dotted with bits of scarlet shimmer. This looks lovely hanging in rows or gathered into a beautiful holly pomander.

The other green to always be in season is the ever popular evergreen! Now you can make pine cones and pine needles that look so much like the real thing, the only clue that they aren’t is the missing pine scent. Gather these cones and needles into groupings and hang from windows and doorways.

Now, garland isn’t really garland anymore unless is says something. This garland is perfect for the season. It says Merry Christmas . . . without really saying it. It says Happy Holidays . . . without really saying it, and it says Season’s Greetings . . . without really saying it. Why? Because it says Merry & Bright . . . and that’s all that really needs to be said this time of year.

All of these examples have been created with my Cut Flowers Holiday sets now available on Lettering Delights. The files used for these garlands are the Cut Flowers Christmas, Evergreens, Holly, and Holiday Garland. Very few other supplies were used to create each garland. I will share the tricks and tips on each style of garland soon, so get your files, gather your supplies, and come back to my blog so we can make some beautiful and festive creations. And then you can give a . . . give a . . . give a . . . give a garland . . . to all your people this holiday season.

The chart above shows all of the sets that are in the Cut Flowers Holiday collection. To get the bundle go here, or just pick and choose your faves.

I will be sharing more project and gift ideas with the Cut Flowers Holiday set for the next few weeks. I invite you to return daily to see my creations and additional freebies I will be sharing with my blog and Facebook followers. If you aren’t already a friend, fan or follower of Sheri McCulley Studio, I invite yo u to join my blog or Facebook page today to keep up with the creations ~ they flow from me frenquently. :)

Oh, and if you want a few freebies form yours truly, please scroll down to my previous blogs (Dec 5 and 6) to get the goods. There are two money card designs on Wednesday’s blog posting (Peace and Ho Ho Ho) and on Thursday’s post you will find a gift card holder (envelope with two mini cards) for your gift giving this holiday season. Enjoy!

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Lori Comeau said...

Wow, fabulous job on your projects. I just love the pine cone.