Thursday, September 10, 2015

Onesies with Twosies themes

I love onesies, and I love them on little ones, and I love making little onesies for the little ones in my life. Well, I used to make them for my own little cuties, and now I wanted to show you how to make them for the cuties in your life. You can choose from the Little Cuties garden or animal themes at Lettering Delights.

The art I used to make the t-shirt transfers is from the Little Cuties characters, both animals and garden themes, as well as the Little Cuties animal tags and garden tags with messages (see frog onesie below)

I also used the Little Cuties friends and bugs to detail the backs and bottoms of the onesie. See the little chipmunk at the bottom of this fox onesie, and the backs of three of the onesies below.

I chose to use basic white onesies and did not prewash them, but you can, and might prefer to. I recommend Avery Iron-on-fabric transfers. Trim the transfer quite close to the art after printing it backwards, or reversed, or flipped (they all mean the same thing). Make sure to iron the onesie to be wrinkle free, then let the fabric cool completely before ironing on the transfer (with the paper backing facing you when ironing). Follow the directions closely for the type of t-shirt transfer and fabric you are using.

For the peach onesie I cut out each piece separately and held them down together, while ironing over all three pieces. Be very careful and methodical when doing this, so as not to lift any pieces while pressing. Let the transfer material cool completely before removing back, and once you do, you will have a darling onesie made to order.

Be careful NOT to iron over any transfers after you have peeled the backing off. Your onesie won’t like it, your iron won’t like it, and I am sure your own little cutie won’t be happy with it either. Let’s just say . .  . tears will be shed.

This is a great idea as gifts for that new parent looking to dress the baby in cute clothing that none of the other babies will be wearing. Also, you can pick a fave veggie, fruit, animal, or bug to make the gift even more personal.

Once you have the onesie made and ready as a gift, you can complete the package with a clothing label wrap.

Then wrap the gift box with Little Cuties animal paper packs and garden paper packs.

Or make a darling gift bag and decorate with your favorite animal or garden cutie.

You can get the clothing wraps, the papers, the tags, and graphic icon characters at LD to create your own onesie-of-a-kind t-shirt.

And don’t forget this gift set can be perfectly completed with the Little Cuties Let’s Pretend Animals and Little Cuties Let’s Pretend in the Garden Books, now on Amazon. 


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