Monday, September 14, 2015

Just can’t contain the cuteness

The Little Cuties just can’t be contained. But you can keep each child’s attention when they are given a Little Cuties box to contain their treasures.

The complete set of animal and garden boxes come with different Little Cutie character on each side of a box so you will have all of the characters in the set.

There are six Little Cuties Animals boxes, containing 24 characters in all. There are seven Little Cuties Garden boxes, containing 28 characters in all. They can be sized up or down depending on your needs, or even nested to use as stacking blocks.

The little ones will love these as treasure boxes with their favorite characters, or as building block to help build their knowledge of animals, fruits and veggies.

Each of the the Little Cuties boxed sets are available at Lettering Delights.

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