Sunday, September 6, 2015


The Little Cuties animals and garden flash card sets are full of color, character and imagination. They were designed to help teach little ones how to identify animals, fruits and vegetables. They also encourage children to imagine what it might be like to be a sweet pea or a colorful parrot.

These cards were designed with another purpose in mind as well, to help children recognize emotions. Expressions and emotions range in all of us and the Little Cuties provide a full array. From a crying crocodile to a silly peach. From a shy carrot to a scary (or maybe even angry) bear. Even a surprised frog or gleeful blueberry will give your little ones reason to relate to these feelings as they see them in the faces of each Little Cutie.

The sets come with a cover card, back card showing all characters in the set (see photos below) and 24 animals or 28 garden fruits and veggies cards. They make wonderful baby shower or birthday gifts.

These cards can be also be used for a child’s room decor as borders, or framed in sets hanging above a crib or play area. What a wonderful scene to have your little one wake up to. Each day is full of emotions . . . what will this new day bring?

Get the Little Cuties Animals and Garden card sets at Lettering Delights and awaken the emotions of your little ones.

And don’t forget the Little Cuties Let’s Pretend Animals and Little Cuties Let’s Pretend in the Garden books that started the cutie craze, available on Amazon. Your little ones will love the books too!

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Garden Girl said...

Sheri: The Little Cuties animals and garden characters are delightful. Your many creations are amazing. I love your creative spirit and desire to share with others.
~Suzy Leopold