Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Little Cuties on the Grow!

A first birthday party for the tiniest one in your life is a a pretty big deal, and the Little Cuties Animals and Garden sets are just the ones to help create a day of fun for your little one.

Choose from a variety of party invitations in the cuties garden and animal themes.

Party favor animal boxes and garden boxes can be made and given to the other little tikes with a “choke-free” trinket inside.

Tags with sweet saying can be used to create party decor, along with bunting animal and garden banners and honeycomb balls.

Gifts can be given in gift bags with darling Cuties, using the animal and garden characters, animal and garden tags and mini bunting.

And other gifts can be wrapped from the Little Cuties animal and garden paper patterns.

And don’t forget the parents at your kiddie party. Drinks for them can even be festive with little cuties tags and honeycomb fruits and straws.

Before your little one grows up too soon, get all of the graphics and party themes at Lettering Delights to create your own party for your little cutie’s happy day!

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