Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You have the flower power to create!

Today Lettering Delights is debuting my floral collection called Cut Flowers. I’m quite excited about this collection because it consists of a variety of cut-it files with never-ending project possibilities. It is a collection that can keep you cutting fresh flowers all year long.

When you choose Cut Flowers on LD you will find five sets of floral petal shapes; a set of leaf shapes and a set of vine shapes; an alphabet cameo set; as well as accessories, floral picks and pennants. These complete sets will set in motion your own florist shop, without the worries of wilting flowers.

In the chart at top you will find the sets that are available on Lettering Delights, color coded for ease and fun. Of course you will want to make your own colorful flower arrangements to suit your style and needs, and with cut-it files it’s as easy as choosing your own shades of paper and cutting out the pieces.

I will be sharing many project ideas over the next few weeks that can be made with Cut Flowers and hope you will check in often to see the latest arrangements, party themes, gifts, cards, and even décor that can be made with these Cut Flowers files.

Here is a sneak peek of a few of the projects I will be sharing.

We will start by making cheery Mother’s Day cards and gifts,

sweeten up a girl’s bedroom with pretty in pink décor,

make cut flower arrangements for various occasions,

and give baked goods a run for their money . . . and that’s just the first few days of creating.

I can’t wait to see all of the projects you will create once you have the power that comes with the cut flower files from LD. Get over to LD now (or click on my Sheri’s Creations button at top right) to pick these flowers as they burst into blooms!


Miladylc said...

Bless you Sheri, Those Look awesome can not wait to start using the items fro this set
Thank you : )

coquine1635 said...

You really can put real cupcakes on it? What thickness of cardboard do you use?
They are so cute, i want to make them!