Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So bloomin’ easy you must give it a try

Time to start filling the house with fresh cut flowers. You should use nature’s beauties if your thumb is green enough to grow your own, but just in case it’s not in your nature, try these as an alternative.

These flowers are as easy as one, two, three; #1: cut lots of petals, #2: stack and shape, #3: arrange in vases. Here are some beauties in pastels and some in brights.

Here are the files you will need to pick your own flowers: all of the LD Cut Flowers floral sets (there are five). For this project I have also used Cut Flowers Pennants and Picks. (shown in photo above: 4Fun, and below: Congrats!)

Here are the additional pieces needed to build your own arrangements: bamboo skewers (I chose from these lengths ~ 16" 12" 10" 8"and 6"), floral wire (18" 18 gauge, silver or green), wooden beads for ends of skewer stems (10mm ~ see close up photo below), glass or plastic beads for ends of wire stem (make sure hole is big enough to slide over 18 gauge wire), and clear ear nuts (these are the rubber tips used for holding earrings to the ear) they will be used with the wire stems to keep petals on wire from slipping. You can also use green floral tape (not shown in photo below) to keep petals on skewer stem from slipping.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your bouquets a success:

Sleight of hand ~ to get the petals to bend just right, use a skewer to carefully pull each petal between it and your thumb while holding the other petals in place. Think of this as if you are curling ribbon when wrapping a gift. It works great, as long as you’re using a slight motion and gentle pull.

Go Green with skewers ~ to color bamboo skewers, use food coloring with a bit of water to make shades of greens/aquas. Use a cotton ball to apply dye to skewer (rub cotton ball along stick between thumb and fingers). You might want to wear latex gloves to keep your hands clean, unless of course you really do want a green thumb:) See various green skewers in photo below.

Have a ball with color ~ dye wooden balls with same food coloring technique as explained above. This time have fun mixing a rainbow of colors. These will be used for the centers of flowers on the skewer stems. See photo below, and photo at top of post showing flowers with wooden centers.

Get into a sticky situation ~ to secure the flower at top of stick, put floral tape just under the last petal. This can also be added to separate petals along stem and to keep petals from slipping. See photos below.

Listen with your ears ~ these tiny rubber ear nuts are the perfect securing mechanism for keeping the flower at the top of the wire stem. Once you create your flower and layer the petals at the top of the floral wire, use these ear nuts to slide up and over the wire to keep that flower from sliding down the stem. Find these tiny helpers in the jewelry section of craft stores. See photo below for ear nuts.

A string of beads ~ use beads to finish off centers of the flowers on the wire stems. Consider getting second hand strings of beads at thrift shops and estate sales. You will get so many more for your money, and have a great variety to choose from. I keep a small piece of 18 gauge wire with me to make sure the bead hole is wide enough for my wire to slip through. See photo below for bead centers.

Here is the new way to keep fresh cut flowers around all year! Go to Lettering Delights, or my Sheri’s Creations button at top, pick up the Cut Flowers collection by yours truly, and start growing your own bouquets to keep forever!

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Wonderful tutorial Sheri, thanks for the superb description and lovely photos.

Sheri McCulley said...

I also added a tip on how to curl the petals, but just added that tidbit to the post. Glad this is a help. :)

Miladylc said...

Thank you for one of the Best tutorial I have seen in a while
the description is wonderful : )

Anonymous said...

This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing and good idea about painting the skewers! :)