Friday, May 25, 2012

It’s in the bag, well, on it!

Time to share one of my favorite things about working with the Cut Flowers bundle from LD. This is my newest trick and I’m all about it. Think flocked flowers. And now think, humm . . . but how to flock the flowers, making them velvety soft?

I found this fun but practical handbag at an estate sale and have been looking for just the thing to dec-it-out and make is a one-of-a-kind carrying case.

Well, the idea came and the project followed. I have been using vintage, satin flocked ribbon (see photo above) with my Silhouette cutter and the results have been super cool. I simply stick the strips of ribbon to the cutting mat, satin side down, turn on the machine and watch lots-o-flocked-petals appear before my very eyes.

Next step is simple too, I sort and stack the petals to create flowers. Add some flocked leaves. Stitch the flowers together with sequins and seed beads. Sew them onto the bag to complete the 60's styling carrying tote of coolness. Okay, so the tweeded bag adds great texture against the velvety flowers and shimmering sequins. Lovin’ the gray texture against these throw-back colors of the late 50's. Hey, even the sequins are vintage to complete the older than thou and cooler than now look.

So, start thinking about the velvety softness of Cut Flowers. Get those files, crank up that cutting machine, and grab some florist ribbon (satin on back side and flocked on top side) to get in the groove with your 60's style deco-bag.

Above is a shot of the ribbon, to show you what I use for the flowers. I think this type of ribbon is still current and available. Below is a shot of the ribbon and paper cabinet that opens up my little creative world to texture and color each day! My wonderful husband’s handiwork is all about my studio (latest project~ribbon dowel in cupboard, below). He’s a  master at making my creative world a functioning factory for my work and play.

You can get the Cut Flowers bundle or individual Cut Flowers files at LD by clicking here, or go to my Sheri’s Creations button at top of blog. It’s in the bag, the cool, retro bag!


-Candi said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I need some of that ribbon, how amazing are those?!?! I love my Cameo and now I think I'll love her even more LOL would you share your settings please for cutting the ribbon?

Poppy said...

Too Cute! Sheri those are wonderful. Best use of floral ribbon I have seen. Yes, you can get the flocked ribbon still and I have seen it at Joann Fabrics and a few other places. Not in those wonderful colors but it is still out there.

Sheri McCulley said...

Candi, I'm not sure what you mean by settings, but I will tell you that for my Silhouette I have little plastic guards that screw onto the blade in blue, yellow and magenta. I used the magenta guard as it allows for the most blade tip exposure for cutting (for thicker papers, etc). I hope that helped. Let me know.

And Jill Ann (Poppy), thanks for telling the peeps where to find current flocked ribbon; of course you would know that. You know it all in crafting world!