Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Deck the walls with rows of flowers

Think about decking the walls of your baby’s room, your girl’s bedroom door, or even your own studio walls by putting a name to the face.

I thought it would be a fun and easy task to play with a name, and play up the look of a little girl’s room with the Cut Flowers Alphabet Set on LD. This set contains the letters and their stencils within a scalloped oval to be used as individual letters or strands of garland. I chose to use both parts:

~ the letters for the name atop the growth chart (see photo below),

~ and the garland for the name, with flowers connecting each letter (see photo below).

In addition to the Cut Flowers Alphabet, I chose flower petals from all of the Cut Flowers petal sets as well as the Cut Flowers Vine set. The vine set was used on the growth chart and the flowers were used on both the growth chart and the hanging garland. All of the flowers were connected to their bases with tiny brads in coordinating colors with the flowers.

Above are a few close up shots of the growth chart to see how the flowers are built and positioned with the vines. I glued the vines to the chart first, then attached the flowers with the brads. You might want to also glue the base petals of the flowers to the chart for a better hold. Do all of this after you trim and assemble the growth chart.

If you would like to make the growth chart for your own little ones, you can download my free chart (in pinks or blues) by going to my U-Pick button at right and choosing GrowthChartPink1-4 (four 8.5 x 11 files total) or GrowthChartBlue1-4 (four 8.5 x 11 files total) and make these for the little people in you life. You can always use the blue growth chart with any of the other cut-it files from LD, because flowers might not appeal to the boys in your life, but trucks and sports always will. They have lots of cute art to choose from!

Above are samples of the free growth charts in pink and blue. You will need to download all four 8.5 x 11 sheets to print, trim and attach to make the 22"- 60" chart. My growth chart is nine inches wide and 38 inches high (in length it is a 22" to 60" ruler). You will find the free charts in four files for pink or four files for blue, so make sure you download all four parts; (they are numbered 1-4 on the files).

To get the Cut Flowers files for these projects, go to my Sheri’s Creations button at the top, right, or click here to go directly to my Cut Flowers collection on Lettering Delights. I think this project will grow on you if it hasn’t already, and besides, it has your name written all over it. :)

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Unknown said...

The most adorable growth chart I have ever seen Sheri.