Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Woodland Tails for your new little critter

Oh, the joy and help of Pinterest and Facebook and my magical box with internet lead me to a site my daughter is always checking in on to find the latest cute clothes and accessories. The site is the online shop, Ruche. She loves many of the clothes on the site, of course because they have a retro twist. I think very cute, love them too!

Well, now we have another reason to love the clothes from Ruche because daughter, via niece found my Woodland Tails baby boy and girl footie union suits on the site and now available to all. The outfits are named Woodland Friends Footie in Green and  Woodland Friends Footie in Pink.
Here is a larger photo of the Woodland Tails boy outfit.
Here is a larger photo of the Woodland Tails girl outfit.

I have a sample of the boy outfit and it is too cute, but have not yet seen the girl-ware. The outfit is a 3-6 month size and measures about 20-21 inches from heel to neck. So, for the larger newborn, it might fit from hospital to home and until about three months. :) 

Now it’s time to get your new little critters clothed in the hip style of Ruche and Sheri!

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Corrie said...

They look so soft and absolutely adorable!