Friday, September 21, 2012

Sending love with just a click

My daughter has just become a student abroad and I am trying to cope. Fortunately, today we can send messages immediately, get updates daily, and still get excited about packages arriving via snail mail. What a country! That is, a country to country!

My daughter is doing her part by keeping a blog of weekly activities, photos, and updates. It’s great to see the photos and read the stories. I think the year will go much faster knowing a bit about her daily life as the months go by.

Well, I have to do my part too, and as you all know, doing my part usually has more to do with illustration than it does with words. My part will mostly consist of e-cards and sending packages. Since she’s already been gone almost a week, there’s no time to waste. It’s time make sure she knows she’s missed at home, and loved, of course. This year might be long, it might even be hard at times, but it will always be shared with just a click of the mouse and a peek inside the mailbox. So, we’ll share the love long distance style!
Here is a clue to the country she is in and the language she is studying. Keep in mind, I am not the one learning spanish as a second language, and have to depend on google translate to help me get my message out, since I do not hablar en español. :)


Petit Design Co. said...


Depending on where she is there are a few slightly better translations (for future letters you might send) either way I'm sure she appreciates it!

usted: is usually used in a formal setting (strangers, teachers, etc.) So for your daughter you can use "tu"

so you can say: pensando en ti

falta usted/ faltas tu: this literally translates to - you are missing :)

you could try "te extraño" which means "I miss you."

The "Love mom" would be better translated as "Te quiero, mama" For most native speakers "amo/amor" is more of a romantic love. "quiero" is more of the love you have for friends, family, etc. I do know some families that use "amo" for each other but to me it's just weird :)

Like I said she'll love it either way!

Sheri McCulley said...

Thank you for the better translation of my spanish card. You are superior to google translate. :)

I will try to do some fixer-uppers on the copy before it becomes set in stone or paper. Maybe I can redo for my blog even. Thanks much, Sheri

Shelby said...

madre! I miss you :) gracias for the ecard! I would say more in Spanish but I want you to understand. I love you and I think about you all every day! xoxo