Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Signature Collection

Signature Fragrance is a new floral collection I have been working on. This collection started with birth month flowers and has developed into a series of signature letters to complete a set of alphabet stationery. The collection also includes many floral and doily patterns to complement this dainty and delicate signature set.
The layout above shows the collection of patterns and a few initial letters.
The sample above shares a few of the signature letters as personal greeting cards, thank you cards and thinking of you notes.

I will keep you informed about this collection as it becomes available in various product categories.

This summer, enjoy the beautiful flowers from nature, but if the weather is too hot to enjoy the out of doors, think of these flowers as a bit of nature brought indoors for your visual pleasure.


Brooke said...

oh my goodness!! Wonderful work, can't wait to see it in....

Anonymous said...

I hope that fabric is what it will be in. :) said...

Sheri, I can't wait for these new designs. Looks like you have been very busy lately!