Friday, December 9, 2011

Let’s get to the Frosting!

The Holiday Frosting collection has arrived at Lettering Delights and the selection should provide you with many options to add that touch of frosting to all of your holiday crafts, decorating and gifts. You can click on my LD sign at the right to go directly to the collection.

This collection is for graphics only, but another will be coming out early next week for those of you who love to print and cut your projects. You will want to check in again at the beginning of the week to learn more about even more frosted toppings. There are even a few more sets to choose from in the print/cut collection, and you will see a peek into those on the photos posted here.

The Holiday Frosting graphics collection includes: alphabet, borders, labels and tags, papers, cupcake wrappers, sparkling ornaments and intricate snowflakes. I have made this collection from two soft and lovely colorways and intertwined them into one beautiful set of winter grays and blushed pinks along with breezy blues and snowdrop greens.

In the photo above are many of the papers used to wrap tiny gifts and cupcake wrappers are stacked in the glass at the right.

In the photo above you will see many dainty borders for embellishing and adding that finishing touch.

The photo above shows a few of the box designs that will be out next week with the print/cut collection. These boxes are great for housing your homemade confections, and with a personalized label, the perfect gift to give from the heart.

With all of the embellishing the Holiday Frosting collection provides, there is only one thing missing to top off your holiday gift giving, and that is a Christmas card to share with family and friends. I have made a card design (in the pinks and in the blues) that you can print. It is made to fit an A7 envelope (5.25 x 7.25). You can keep the phrase, season’s greetings, or use that space as a border to put a photo in, the photo size is about a 3 x 5, if you print your cards at 100%. Just print on cardstock, trim on the trim guides and fold in the middle to create your personal holiday cards and write your own personal message inside.

To download the greeting cards, go to my U-Pick button at the right and choose Frosting Card Pink or Frosting Card Blue from the Frosting folder.

To get the Holiday Frosting individual sets or bundle from LD go to my Lettering Delights sign at the top, right or click here. If you use the coupon code “snowflake” you will get an additional $5 off when purchasing $20 or more, so get to LD and find that frosting to top off the season.


Anonymous said...

Cute! But I'm not seeing the file in the U-pick...
Merry Christmas,

Poppy said...

Glad to hear you have your IT guy on fixing the link I will be excited to print this cute file out!

Unknown said...

Beautiful designs and the colour combinations are gorgeous as always. I can't wait for the print and cut files next week and start creating projects. Those boxes look perfect for Christmas gifts.

Sheri McCulley said...

Hello All, I think my U-Pick button is working now and you should be able to link to it when clicking and then choose the “Frosting” folder, which has the pink and blue versions of the card. Let me know if you can’t get or open those files.

-Arielle- said...

I can't decide weather I like your frosting line better or your wee gather lol! The frosting line is incredibly beautiful and I think it's such a lovely take on Christmas decorations!