Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have paper, must wrap

It is time to start wrapping the Christmas presents that have been stashed away in the closet. This year the wrapping process is a little more exciting. I was able to get the Swell Noel paper at Michaels and it is kind of fun to finally be wrapping gifts with real Sheri paper, rather than designed papers from the printer. And bonus, this wrap is full of foil, shimmering and shining like the lights on the tree. Sadly, my printer is not yet capable of printing foil or metallic inks on rolls of paper.

Since the Swell Noel wrap is a retro style design, the only ribbons worthy are from vintage spools with names like Sasheen, Satintone and Super Lustro. And they are just that, adding a bit more gleam to the gifts. The only thing missing to finish off this mid-century look are the Shiny Brite ornaments to hang on the tree. Not to worry, I have a supply on hand.

This photo is sharing a few of my latest ornament finds, straight from the late sixties, via a few current thrift shops and estate sales. They were all the rage when everyone started jumping on the handmade Christmas bandwagon, but with a twist. These ornaments were from the “everyone can craft” kits of the era, complete with satin ornament, ribbon, gold lace, sequins, beads, pearls, and about a thousand tiny straight pins to hold them all together.

My second hand ornaments seem to have shed a few pins and pearls along the way, but they still make me smile and remind me of those years as a child when I could hardly wait for Christmas, when all the world was aglow.

Merry Christmas and may this season be a shiny and bright one for each of you.


Anonymous said...

Those wrapping papers are SO pretty! They look really great and how FUN to wrap in your very own designs!

And PS I have some hand-me-down ornaments that look very similar on our tree right now :)

Poppy said...

I only found 3 rolls. I saved them for next year. Could not bring myself to cut them this year. they are even cuter in person.