Monday, November 28, 2011

Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter!

I cannot believe that I am still picking miniature rosebuds from my tiny rose bush outside, placing them in my teeny tiny, vintage vase and enjoying them for a little bit longer. And December is only a few short days away. Wow!

I think these beautiful minis started budding back in May or June; kept their petals growing all through summer and fall; now as it is nearly winter I guess they will finally be ready to go to bed for a few months, resting up for warmer seasons once again.

Though it may not be easy to see, this vase measures all of two and a half inches tall, so you can only imagine how small the rose buds are. As you know, I just love all things tiny, and nature is no exception to my miniature collection.

December is on the way, the winter season is coming, but the studio will keep blooming pink and aqua throughout the chilly, winter days.

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barbgep said...

Those little roses are so neat, Sheri. My "million bells" are still blooming---but probably will get frozen tonight.