Friday, November 18, 2011

Just add frosting!

I’ve been working on a new holiday collection that is all about the mood of the season. It is Frosting and it is just that. Designed to be the added touch, the frosting on top, if you will. It is Christmas without Santa, winter without the chill, and holiday without holly. This year my holiday colors are shifting a bit to the old turned new. Bringing back the sweetness and charm of 50’s carnation pink, the warmth and cool of robin egg and moss, the old renewed of 80’s taupe and gray, and a finishing touch of crisp, clean, snow white.

I couldn’t stop at designing just patterns for this collection, so I imagined these twinkling snowflakes encircling ornaments and voila, here are the results.
Okay, so for now the results are only on my site, not actual three dimensional ornaments to hang on this year’s tree, but maybe they will show up somewhere in the home just in time for holiday cheer. Maybe in paper crafting? Maybe in holiday decor? Maybe garlanding and glistening about? Wherever Frosting can be the added touch this season, sprinkle it about and let it shimmer, glisten and twinkle as you enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

I will let you know the minute you can find a little Frosting and where you can get it to top off your own creations in time for the holidays.


-Arielle- said...

I love this!!! It's absolutely beautiful, I would love to decorate with this collection! And I love the name, you always pick the best names for your collections auntie!

Longvacation said...

Lovely color combination and creations. I would love to see this in cardstock for crafting.

CaroleM said...

I love this! I love the colours and the style - as usual.

Sheri McCulley said...

It looks like Frosting is about to cover a little corner of Lettering Delights, so stay tuned and look for something on LD around Dec 9!