Friday, July 29, 2011

Window Treat-meant for me

One of the happiest moments for me is when I feel like I’ve just opened the 1958 Sears catalog and ordered the perfect set of drapes for my studio. Well, unfortunately I can only wish for the time machine to be able to go back and order those drapes. My time machine is a group of amazing thrift shops I have here in Kansas City. These are junk stores really with a stash of treasures right out of the 1958 Sears catalog, and beyond. Now, don’t misunderstand my ease at finding these wonderful relics. There is an extensive search and rescue program involved here. Most of the time the perfect “have to have” vintage treasure isn’t waiting at the shop door with my name on it, but once in a while I think it is. This time it was.

This time the rescue was for the perfect set of pink, french-pleated drapes with a touch of lavender and sketched icons in charcoal gray with gold accents. It is as though they really did arrive in the mail from Sears just for me. Oh, but even better, I was able to find them years later and I know they have a wonderful story to tell. Now they will share the next chapter in their story as they cheerfully greet me each morning in the studio when I begin my workday.

There is another thing that makes this story even more delightful for me. I not only love the treasure hunt for vintage finds, but the amazing deals that come with thrifting. Most of the time the treasures are pennies on the dollar, even better deals than the original Sears catalog prices. This time, once again the price is right! This set of drapes were all of $7.00 for the set. I was able to cut and sew them into two sets of window treatments, making each piece of the four drapes a mere $1.75.

Well, my time machine back to 1958 would not have been as good as this. I guess I should just be happy when I step back into the past as I walk through the doors of my current day thrift stores and find the window treatments that were meant for me.


barbgep said...

Way to go Sheri! I love the drapes, they look very nice.

ines said...

Hi sheri- My husband and I met you at Surtex 2 years ago--LOVE your work and LOVE your curtains! Have never forgotten you guys...just wish our cities were way closer. all my best, Ines A (Sky's the Limit Custom Cakes & More)