Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Tail of Two Countries

I am happy to finally be able to share the Woodland Tails baby products with you. They are happily residing in two different hemispheres. One is here in the US and the other is down under in Australia and New Zealand. The baby products are different for each so you have the opportunity to find baby sleepers and burp cloths in one area and stuffed animals, blankets and melamine in the other.

In the US the baby products are distributed by Maison Chic for babies. The baby items are shown above and the link to Maison Chic is here, however you may want to search online or at your favorite baby shops to find the darling sleepers, pajamas and bib and burp cloth sets.

For those of you in Australia and New Zealand you will find additional Woodland Tails products through the distributor Lily & George. The baby items carried by Lily & George are shown above and the link is here, however you may also want to search online or at your favorite baby shops to find these sweet onesies, stuffed animals, rattles, bibs, blankets and melamine.

You can also search online for any Woodland Tails products and by using additional search words of the animal names you will find many locations for these baby products. Below you will find the names and traits of each animal to help you search for their hidden location deep in the woods, north and south of the equator.


Anonymous said...

I was absolutely going to ask you about these! I think that I need to make an Austrailian friend! I wonder what shipping is like from there. Those stuffed animals are SOOO cute and the blankets are precious. I am going to look for those sleepers at Maison Chic right now :)

barbgep said...

I love all the Woodland Tails!

Pauline - said...

Forgot to tell you I saw and bought the Owl in a gift shop the other day as a birthday pressie for myself as I INSTANTLY recognised it as yours!!! LOVE IT! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!