Friday, November 14, 2014

Ring of fire

Now is the time to begin creating decor on your doors, walls, and tables for Thanksgiving day. Think about surrounding your various candles with autumn flames: leaves and flowers. Also use these rings of fire for garland signs and swags.

These leaf and floral rings are made from the Wee Gather Together Leaf Rings and the Wee Gather Together Alphabet cut it set on Lettering Delights. The hanging larger leaves below is from the Wee Gather Together Leaves set and the chipmunk is from the Wee Gather Together Harvest graphics set.

The task is simple, but the work might keep you busy right up until the family and friends arrive for the day. Use the leaf and flower ring cut-it files to make each of these ring-around-the-seasons.

To make the garland ring of “Give Thanks” which surrounds the candle holder (in the photo at top), I used the thinner flower ring shape. I cut seven flowers from papaya colored paper, per ring, as well as the ring itself in chartreuse, and tiny centers from white paper (you could hole punch those). I simply curled the petals up for the flower’s center and glued each to the ring base in position. I also curled the green petals upward as well. Once I had each ring of flowers made I cut out the letters from the Wee Gather Together Alphabet cut it files to read: give thanks. I made the base in dark brown and the top stencil circled letter in tan. Each of the rings and stencil circle letters is about three inches across. See the photo above.

To make the “HARVEST” vertical hanging garland I did the same task as above, but cut out two addition leaves per spot to make a full wreath of leaves. The oak leaf ring has nine leaves within the ring, so I added two additional leaves in the same size of yellow (curry) and red (papaya) to place between each orange (tangerine) oak leaf—on the ring. See the photo below to see the steps. I did curl each leaf inward with a bamboo skewer.

I also made the letters with the two part stencil (base and letter) and glued the oak leaf wreaths to each of those letters and hung the HARVEST garland on the door with a piece of vintage seam binding.

If you would like this look, you can achieve it with fewer leaves cut out and still have a lovely wreath garland look. The photo below shows the rings with only the original orange ring (R) and letter, additional red leaves (A), or with all three colors, adding yellow leaves (H).

There are many ring leaf patterns to choose from, and if you like you can mix and match. See a few additional samples below.

Now, share these crafts ideas with your close ring of friends!

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