Friday, March 29, 2013

A simple statement for Easter

I love the look of silhouette art as it can make a clean and direct statement without a lot of fuss. This year I thought it would be fun to spring into Easter with those direct and basic icons that specifically say Easter ~ the bunny, the chick, the lamb, the duck and of course the egg. I added a few additional animals to complete the springtime look.

These egg shaped silhouettes can be found on Lettering Delights and be made into hanging eggs, or used in cards, crafting, Easter signs and decor, and many more spring and Easter projects. In the image, just above, you will see the artwork that is on the file available. The egg art is made with two main layers ~ one is the silhouette of the animal, and the other is the framing egg shape surrounding the animal. I also provide you with trim for each egg that can be used for hanging the garland of eggs or for other crafting. It would be cute just to use the trim as paper chains any time of year.

Above is a photo of all of the eggs that are vertical designs.

Above is a photo of all of the eggs that are horizontal designs (minus the word eggs).

To make these silhouette eggs, I simply cut out each part of the egg design ~ the top layer, which is the framing egg shape; the middle layer, which is the silhouette of the animal; and the base layer, which is the solid egg background (in this case I used a charcoal gray paper).

After each layer was cut out (and the two layers of trim for hanging), I spray mounted the silhouette animal layer to the gray egg, then the top framing layer to the middle layer. I then attached the top trim layer with spray mount to the gray base of the trim and then used a brad to loop the handle over and attach it to the top, center of each egg, shown in the photo above with the deer scene, and the photo below.

These silhouette eggs can be used inside or outside for Easter. You can even use the stencils to spray your own art onto just about anything you can think of with spray paint, chalk or even egg dye and a spray bottle. Let’s see what you can do with the world of stencils this Easter. I can’t wait to see!

To get your set of Cut Flowers Easter silhouette eggs go here to LD and start stenciling away!


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