Monday, April 30, 2012

In Bloom

Coming to a creative project near you! 

Get ready to play with petals when the Cut Flowers collection arrives soon on Lettering Delights. Flowers are always in and this time of year they are inright, outright, upright . . . downright the thing to craft into many a darling project. 

These flowers have the power to make your party a hit. They have the elegance to make a bride blush. They have the sweetness to make a baby coo. And they have the beauty to make a mother smile.

I will be sharing many a fun and lovely project ideas with you as soon as these blooms are ready to pick. Get ready for projects that will never end and flowers that will never wilt!


Anonymous said...

I am just about dying to see this cut out and in use!!!! :)

Miladylc said...

Can Not wait for this set It is Awesome